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Twitter is gaining more popularity day after day. This wonderful microblogging tool has been widely used by internet-savvy individual marketers as well as big marketing companies and many other people’s for various purposes. Twitter helps marketing guys deliver news about promotional items and discount coupons to its huge customers base instantly within seconds. News / media companies use twitter to publish breaking news and to offer real-time coverage. Product development companies use twitter to extend customer service support and to answer queries and requests. Similarly twitter has been used by various people for different purposes.

Here is a free twitter bird image / icon pack which consists of three different twitter bird images and icons, it comes in different sizes of transparent PNG 24-bit format. The photoshop source file (PSD) is also included, so that you can change and create different versions if required. And they are all free, of course.



Preview twitter bird icons and images
You can use these twitter bird icons for both personal and commercial projects at free of charge. What I only need in return is your comments and backlinks, if you like it. You are not allowed to sell or redistribute these icons anywhere else. If you like to share the twitter bird images please link to this article.

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Twitter Bird Icons PNG Pack

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Twitter Bird Icons PSD Pack

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