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How to Optimize Digital Marketing Strategy for Better Conversions?

Tuesday, 17 April, 2018

Those days are gone when businesses are selling their products door to door. Nowadays, The normal person spends around 5 hours per day online. This fact is all the motivation behind why you required digital marketing strategy. But, your marketing strategy not getting a click on your business. Continue reading.

Facebook advertisements are 3x cheaper and more targeted than TV, print, and radio promotions.

There are more than 3.5 billion searches on Google each day. Traffic from Google will probably convert than some other type of advertising.

Email is the #1 communication channel. 91% of purchasers browse their email consistently. For each $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI.

Content is a top priority. Organizations that distribute writes all the time observe 4x more traffic than websites that don’t deliver content.

The normal cost-per-sale drops 80% after steady digital marketing exercises.

If you need to become speedier and develop more astute, you required a compelling digital marketing strategy.

A digital marketing strategy includes how your business use social networking platforms, search engines, Email, and content to get maximum traffic for your business.

Sounds simple, isn’t that so?

Tragically, it isn’t. Most private companies neglect to execute their digital marketing strategy. They bomb for maybe a couple reasons:

  1. They don’t have adequate learning
  2. They don’t have enough time
  3. They don’t have enough experience

Presently, here’s the news…

In this guide, we will give you everything that you have to actualize your digital marketing strategy. We will show you best route to get fast results and surefire long-haul strategies that will push your image to the next level.

This is our mystery sauce. This is a consolidation of what our organization has seen work in the wake of concentrate the enormous players’ digital marketing strategies, as HubSpot and Digital Marketer.

Lets start,

Building up Your Digital Marketing Strategy, let’s start with a point. The Internet is extremely simple.

You can converse with your loved ones via social media. You can search for your most liked content on Google or YouTube. You can read and gain from web journals you find. Also, you can browse your email. What’s more, in particular, you can spend your money!

In case you’re perusing this, at that point you likely get the most energising about individuals burning through money. You need individuals to go through their money with you!

Here is the correct digital marketing strategy that will enable you to triple your sales:

  1. Manufacture Your Customer Avatar
  2. Develop Awareness and Visibility
  3. Drive Website Traffic
  4. Convert Traffic
  5. Increment Conversion Rate
  6. Increment Sales

On the off chance that you need to expand sales, you should effectively build mindfulness, traffic, and conversions. You will learn precisely how. If you love visual content, watch this strategy map.

How about we continue.

Section 1: Build Your Customer Avatar

The capacity to genuinely comprehend your customers is underrated. Nothing will work if your digital marketing strategy isn’t custom-made to your crowd.

Nothing will work unless you do.

You have to research and build up a customer avatar. A customer avatar is a breakdown of your gathering of people’s objectives, interests, torment focuses, and other demographic characteristics.

Your customer avatar will enable you to build up advertisements that work. Your promotions will be so significant to your gathering of people that you will get a massive amount of impressions, clicks, and conversions. Understanding your customers is the way to progress.

Section 2: Grow Awareness and Visibility

Now, you have made your offer of research and have fabricated your customer avatar. You are prepared to manufacture a robust digital marketing strategy that converts more customers for business.

The time has come to get #1 rankings, a considerable number of supporters, and a gigantic email list. Lock your safety belt!

As your buckling up, we should handle something important. How about we concede on one thing. You can’t construct a long haul future on short-term thinking.

Worthy things never come easy.

You are going to figure out how to manufacture a surefire digital marketing strategy that will triple your business.

It will be hard. A few things will work superior to others. You will squander some money on attempting diverse things, and a few things that you try will make you a considerable amount of money.

It takes development, tolerance, and confidence to be effective with digital marketing. You need to confide all the while.


All that you’ve figured out how to this point are long-haul digital marketing strategies to drive long haul comes about. If you need to one-day drive “free” and “organic” traffic to your website, you have to put into digital market assets. These assets are online networking supporters, email subscribers, and SEO rankings.

Keep in mind; you can’t manufacture a long haul future with short-term thinking.

But, you can create short-term achievement with short-term thinking.

For some private companies, particularly new businesses, if they don’t drive traffic quick, their business will starve. They leave the business. They fall flat.

For others, you might need to put into long-haul strategies, and furthermore drive short-terms comes about. While your digital marketing assets are being “produced”, you can use short-term strategies to drive brings about the interim.

Now, here’s how it’s done.

Go for Online Advertising to Drive Immediate Traffic

Set Realistic Expectations for Your Advertising


Touch focuses. You have to build your contact focuses with potential purchasers.

The more circumstances individuals cooperate with your business over the web, the more probable they will work with you.

Now, you’ve completed at least one of the accompanying:

  • Follow long strategy to gain visibility and awareness for your business
  • Follow short-term strategy to get quick traffic to your business websi.te

Regardless of whether you’ve taken easy routes or the long excursion, your endeavours will result in the long run prompt individuals the “thought” phase of really working with you.

There are three things you can do to attract your customers to buy your products:

  1. Remarketing
  2. Email Automation
  3. Content Marketing


Follow the above discuss point to make robust digital marketing strategy for your business. Feel free to share your value thoughts in given below comment box.

This guest article was written by Sunny Chawla, who is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs. Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow in online market. He would love to share thoughts on Digital Marketing Strategy, Game Applications Development etc..

The 5 most fundamental components of a successful eCommerce store website elaborated

Thursday, 4 May, 2017

An ideal amalgamation of eye-catching design and exhaustive features is responsible behind the success of any eCommerce website. Customers are usually enticed with the elements such as comprehensive list of products to choose from, easy payment options and real-time customer service support.

A customer-centric e commerce website imparts boost in the sales of products and also aids in the improvement of brand reputation.

Here is the list of some of the indispensable elements of an eCommerce website

Engaging Content

The awareness of the brand in the market is accelerated through the administration of engaging content in your e-commerce store, along with the development of online reputation. It evokes social media sharing and boost search engine ranking of the store. Content can be in the form of spicy news or grand launching of any product or event. Additionally, the content for the product description or services should be informative and relevant in order to persuade the customer to purchase. Organizations hire expert writers to prepare strategic content, so as to attract mass number of customers. The ever-rising fierce competition in the market has led to the elimination of static websites, with few chunks of content. Application of unique content is must for an ecommerce store to prioritize itself in search engine ranking.

Sophisticated Theme

The finalised catchy theme should be consistent throughout the entire store. The design, pattern and colour of the theme should not be confusing to the user. The navigation system of the store should be simple and intuitive for seamless user experience. The colour combination used in the website is the life of your website, so you need to choose the colour that gives a feel of elegance. The shade of the colour should match to the colours of the products showcased in your ecommerce store. In the similar manner, the importance of colours in logos and marketing is equally remarkable. Brand revelation in the market is intensified by making use of relevant colours.

Perfect Hierarchical Structure

Site navigation is one of the primary and critical aspects of the design structure of any ecommerce store website. It should impart high level of convenience for the users to locate the product they are searching for. Prioritize the requirement of the user to facilitate them with quick searching option. Make sure that the customers don’t feel that they are in the middle of nowhere. The structure of the website and its exquisite design are totally dependent on each other. Of course eye catching design increases the users stay time but it is meaningless if the user is not able to locate exactly what they are looking for. All this criteria should be considered at the preliminary stage of the designing process, such as the total number of WebPages and the manner in which the pages are linked to each other. The use of graphics, images, icons and info graphics should be in accordance with your business.

Optimize your Checkout Process

It is extremely challenging to issue a seamless checkout process in the beginning to the user. In order to accomplish it, you need to gather and analyze the feedbacks from the users and enhance your checking process as per their requirement. Make good use of tools such as Google Analytics on such matters. Make your checkout process as simple as possible. Only ask for the information that is relevant to the product being ordered. Users easily get annoyed, if they are forced to fill up a lengthy checkout form. The final section of any checkout process, is the payment page, which should be as much simple as possible.

Offer great support

Of Course, to build a reputation in the market, you would have endeavoured hard, to come up with an exquisite website. But it does not ensure that it is completely bug free and still there might be some issues. These issues can hamper your customer experience; hence in order to eliminate those issues you need a powerful technical support team. Your support executive should be efficient in comprehending the queries of the clients in order to resolve it within matters of seconds. Obtaining feedback from the users is essential, but above that you need to acknowledge the reports you get from the customers. There are multiple options available to collect the feedback through chat, social media or through a toll-free number. An ecommerce store with no support is the one which fails to win the trust of the users.

This guest article was written by Rahim Makhani, who is the award winner CEO and founder of Auxano Global Services – a web and mobile application development company. He is keenly interested in writing technical blogs pertaining to android and iPhone application development. During his spare time, he loves to dive in the pool and enjoy playing golf with his friends.

Three reasons QR codes don’t work… for now

Tuesday, 7 February, 2012
Three reasons QR codes don’t work for now

QR codes, those rudimentary squares of black and white pixelated boxes you see on advertisements and marketing materials, have not had the initial success many thought they would. Marketing mavens across the country jumped the QR code bandwagon, but here’s why they don’t work for now.

1. Most young people don’t use QR codes. A recent survey of college kids, ages 18-22, found that 79% of them don’t know what to do with a QR code. This is an ominous sign coming from young people that have a natural knack for working with gadgets and technology.

2. QR codes don’t make access to information either. If someone is on the run, say traveling for example and they need a cheap car rental, they’re most likely going to type in the URL on their smartphone browser. The person isn’t going to wait to see a print ad for car rentals with a QR code, pull out their phone, toggle on the QR code reader app, then wait to see where they will be directed. QR codes are indirect and more like a digital detour.

3. QR codes are only scanned by 5% of Americans. This is still 14 million people, and a sizeable audience. However, 35% of adults own smartphones, which means that 65% don’t. In other words, 65% of American adults don’t have the capacity to even scan a QR code.

For now, QR codes are in a fluid state of evolution. There are a number of wrinkles to be ironed out still. But much like the popularity of text messaging in Europe and Asia predating the text message boom in America, in a few years, QR codes will most likely reach their potential.

Chrome vs Firefox – How chrome overtook firefox this time

Tuesday, 6 December, 2011
browser war - chrome vs firefox

My blog turn 2 year old today, at this point I would like to present some quick interesting browser statistics from my server logs that goes along the lines of a global scenario.

The browser wars are heating up once again with the latest news release from StatCounter indicating Google’s Chrome browser overtook Mozilla Firefox as the second most popular browser worldwide for the first time. The competition among web browsers for the supremacy in usage share has perhaps started during the late 1990s by Internet explorer through replacing Netscape as the dominant browser. Ever since, Internet Explorer has been in the top position despite strong competition from the likes of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari and Opera. As we all know, the main reason behind the popularity of IE is the acceptance of Windows OS among common man. Even today, we could see so many people around us for whom a ‘browser’ means Internet Explorer.

Although Internet Explorer started this year with a market share of around 60%, reports shows that the market share has dropped to 52% this November. The gainer here is primarily google chrome.

But it’s completely a different scenario among us web designers and web design blogs, Internet explorer has already been on the back track and here the competition was between mozilla firefox and google chrome for the prime spot. Chrome has been steadily and consistently rising since its introduction back in 2008, and has already surpassed the browser share of Firefox. Hence after reading the statcounter report on chrome overtaking firefox to become the second popular browser, I decided to give a quick look at my visitor logs. The outcome was quite surprising.[ad#ad-1]

Given bellow is the browser usage statistics for my blog for the past 2 years.

Browser war - firefox VS chrome

The statistics clearly shows the clean and steady growth of Chrome over Firefox. My blog statistics for this November clearly goes in line with the global scenario.

Personally I love both Gecko and Webkit, both of them provide greater flexibility and support in its own way for CSS3 and HTML5 day after day with each release. It’s because of these modern browsers, we got the freedom to think beyond photoshop. So firefox or chrome that doesnt bother me at all. I am longing for the day when any of this browser surpass Internet Explorer globally to became the top most popular browser.

The Smart Phone vs the Computer

Wednesday, 20 July, 2011
The Minimal Differences between the Smart Phone and the Computer

The Minimal Differences between the Smart Phone and the Computer

Today, it seems as though computers and phones are practically the same device. Many smart phones can now perform the tasks of computers such as emailing, writing blog posts, and even information storage, while computers are able to perform phone-like functions such as being able to make a call, send a text, or find a phone number.

The integration of computers into cell phones to create the high functioning smart phone has led many to wonder whether or not the smart phone will eventually replace the laptop or computer. Sure, a proper initial reaction is to scoff or wonder about such a blasphemous comment against the computer, but claiming that phones could actually replace computers – especially laptops – isn’t so far fetched.

Smart phones literally have capabilities that surpass some of the best laptops. When was the last time that you saw a laptop with an 8 megapixel camera and LED flash, or were able to verbally speak through your laptop while browsing the web? Sure, some high end laptops have these capabilities, but they are higher in price and not nearly as accessible as a smart phone.

With a smart phone, you can now live stream movies and videos, download songs, shot and edit pictures and HD videos, type and send emails, and create and post blog posts. You can even organize documents and collect data through programs like Evernote. The only drawbacks to owning a smart phone and not a laptop are display size, memory, and a keyboard.[ad#ad-1] Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve just redesigned

Saturday, 3 July, 2010
Just redesigned my blog

I have been thinking about a complete redesign ever since the day my blog was officially launched. My previous design which was my first wordpress effort was released 6 months back.

and now, I’ve shaped something fresh.

It’s now your turn guys, please have a look at my new theme and lemme know your honest opinion about the new look and feel. If you hit upon any pages or section that are not working or looking weird, please lemme know right away. Still there are a couple of dead links (Portfolio, About), please bear with me I will make it live very soon. I never get a chance to test everything completely, so sharing it with you guys 🙂 Share your review comments pls…