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Few Facts about Social Media & SEO that You Must Know

Tuesday, 22 May, 2018

Content is king and this is laid bare by the report published by Quick sprout recently, in a report. In the report, it publishes a new info graphic that gives the state of SEO illustrating the way this  field has evolved on the back of Google’s algorithms. Search marketing agencies surveyed said that social media is either somewhat or highly incorporated in their SEO strategy. As fate would have it, just two months after this report, Google’s Matt Cutts refuted the marketers belief that Google’s search engine algorithm was based on social signals like Facebook likes and Twitter followers. This article will lay bare five facts about social media and SEO that everyone must know. These facts will reveal the truth about the status of social media and SEO in the current state of affairs.

The facts

Social links may or may not boost one’s search ranking

When a blog post goes viral, then the social backlinks published on the profile are considered to boost the post’s search ranking. This is what marketers think. Links to your content on social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and YouTube help search engines understand which websites are credible and which are not. It also takes into consideration what websites are ranked for which keyword phrases. However, in Danny Sullivan’s interview given to Google and Bing for Search Engine Watch, there are contradicting revelations. Therefore, the status of social links vis-à-vis one’s search engine ranking is not certain.

Social media profiles rank in search engines

When researching a company I do not know much about, I go straight to its Twitter and Facebook pages. Thus, if a social account were to show up at the top of the search results, I would be as likely to click on it, as I would be to click on their website. Although, social media likes and shares do not affect the search engine rankings of your website, your social media profiles definitely do. If your company is a brand name then it will figure in the top of the search engine results. A good social media profile on sites like Instagram or Pinterest will help in promoting the brand.

Social media channels are search engines, too

Google and Bing are not the only sources for information on the net. People also go to social media channels like Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. In fact, social media is the new SEO. Moreover, if someone wishes to check out your company, they can always go on its Facebook page to see more information. Moreover, YouTube and Google are also search engines. Brands that have beautiful visual content on their websites would do well to make their content visible on sites like Instagram and Pinterest. They can do so by providing hashtags and categorizing the pins. Like Google and Bing, social media channels like Twitter are also search engines.

Not now does not mean not ever

As things stand, social media does not appear to cease to becoming a less important part of a reputed brand or an individual’s online presence, anytime in the near future. Given that strategies like guest blogging have become less reliable to indicate the webpage quality, the onus is on search engines to look for other signals of authority and value. It is a myth that social media will cease to matter in a brand’s search engine rankings. Brands who wish to strengthen their social media footprint will continue to establish their expertise in certain niche social media channels and consider SEO when designing their social media strategy.

Do not forget Bing

Bing has said; We look at the social authority of the user, how many people you follow, how many people follow you and how this will add weight to a listing in search engine results. Bing has been categorical in saying that their algorithm incorporates social signals into their search engine results and they have not flip-flopped on this issue anytime. With its market share steadily growing, Bing would do well to include itself in the company’s SEO strategies. Bing is one search engine that has a similar reach as Google. Also, it does not want people to  be dependent on someone else.


Thus, if you accept the inevitability that your brand name has not yet been established, then being on social media channels will profit you rather than having your own website. People ask you for premium rebates, etc.

This guest article was written by Sunny Chawla, who is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs, a Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Hiring Web Developers. He would love to share thoughts on Social Marketing Services, Game Applications Development and Digital Marketing etc.. LinkedIn | Twitter


How to Optimize Digital Marketing Strategy for Better Conversions?

Tuesday, 17 April, 2018

Those days are gone when businesses are selling their products door to door. Nowadays, The normal person spends around 5 hours per day online. This fact is all the motivation behind why you required digital marketing strategy. But, your marketing strategy not getting a click on your business. Continue reading.

Facebook advertisements are 3x cheaper and more targeted than TV, print, and radio promotions.

There are more than 3.5 billion searches on Google each day. Traffic from Google will probably convert than some other type of advertising.

Email is the #1 communication channel. 91% of purchasers browse their email consistently. For each $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI.

Content is a top priority. Organizations that distribute writes all the time observe 4x more traffic than websites that don’t deliver content.

The normal cost-per-sale drops 80% after steady digital marketing exercises.

If you need to become speedier and develop more astute, you required a compelling digital marketing strategy.

A digital marketing strategy includes how your business use social networking platforms, search engines, Email, and content to get maximum traffic for your business.

Sounds simple, isn’t that so?

Tragically, it isn’t. Most private companies neglect to execute their digital marketing strategy. They bomb for maybe a couple reasons:

  1. They don’t have adequate learning
  2. They don’t have enough time
  3. They don’t have enough experience

Presently, here’s the news…

In this guide, we will give you everything that you have to actualize your digital marketing strategy. We will show you best route to get fast results and surefire long-haul strategies that will push your image to the next level.

This is our mystery sauce. This is a consolidation of what our organization has seen work in the wake of concentrate the enormous players’ digital marketing strategies, as HubSpot and Digital Marketer.

Lets start,

Building up Your Digital Marketing Strategy, let’s start with a point. The Internet is extremely simple.

You can converse with your loved ones via social media. You can search for your most liked content on Google or YouTube. You can read and gain from web journals you find. Also, you can browse your email. What’s more, in particular, you can spend your money!

In case you’re perusing this, at that point you likely get the most energising about individuals burning through money. You need individuals to go through their money with you!

Here is the correct digital marketing strategy that will enable you to triple your sales:

  1. Manufacture Your Customer Avatar
  2. Develop Awareness and Visibility
  3. Drive Website Traffic
  4. Convert Traffic
  5. Increment Conversion Rate
  6. Increment Sales

On the off chance that you need to expand sales, you should effectively build mindfulness, traffic, and conversions. You will learn precisely how. If you love visual content, watch this strategy map.

How about we continue.

Section 1: Build Your Customer Avatar

The capacity to genuinely comprehend your customers is underrated. Nothing will work if your digital marketing strategy isn’t custom-made to your crowd.

Nothing will work unless you do.

You have to research and build up a customer avatar. A customer avatar is a breakdown of your gathering of people’s objectives, interests, torment focuses, and other demographic characteristics.

Your customer avatar will enable you to build up advertisements that work. Your promotions will be so significant to your gathering of people that you will get a massive amount of impressions, clicks, and conversions. Understanding your customers is the way to progress.

Section 2: Grow Awareness and Visibility

Now, you have made your offer of research and have fabricated your customer avatar. You are prepared to manufacture a robust digital marketing strategy that converts more customers for business.

The time has come to get #1 rankings, a considerable number of supporters, and a gigantic email list. Lock your safety belt!

As your buckling up, we should handle something important. How about we concede on one thing. You can’t construct a long haul future on short-term thinking.

Worthy things never come easy.

You are going to figure out how to manufacture a surefire digital marketing strategy that will triple your business.

It will be hard. A few things will work superior to others. You will squander some money on attempting diverse things, and a few things that you try will make you a considerable amount of money.

It takes development, tolerance, and confidence to be effective with digital marketing. You need to confide all the while.


All that you’ve figured out how to this point are long-haul digital marketing strategies to drive long haul comes about. If you need to one-day drive “free” and “organic” traffic to your website, you have to put into digital market assets. These assets are online networking supporters, email subscribers, and SEO rankings.

Keep in mind; you can’t manufacture a long haul future with short-term thinking.

But, you can create short-term achievement with short-term thinking.

For some private companies, particularly new businesses, if they don’t drive traffic quick, their business will starve. They leave the business. They fall flat.

For others, you might need to put into long-haul strategies, and furthermore drive short-terms comes about. While your digital marketing assets are being “produced”, you can use short-term strategies to drive brings about the interim.

Now, here’s how it’s done.

Go for Online Advertising to Drive Immediate Traffic

Set Realistic Expectations for Your Advertising


Touch focuses. You have to build your contact focuses with potential purchasers.

The more circumstances individuals cooperate with your business over the web, the more probable they will work with you.

Now, you’ve completed at least one of the accompanying:

  • Follow long strategy to gain visibility and awareness for your business
  • Follow short-term strategy to get quick traffic to your business websi.te

Regardless of whether you’ve taken easy routes or the long excursion, your endeavours will result in the long run prompt individuals the “thought” phase of really working with you.

There are three things you can do to attract your customers to buy your products:

  1. Remarketing
  2. Email Automation
  3. Content Marketing


Follow the above discuss point to make robust digital marketing strategy for your business. Feel free to share your value thoughts in given below comment box.

This guest article was written by Sunny Chawla, who is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs. Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow in online market. He would love to share thoughts on Digital Marketing Strategy, Game Applications Development etc..