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Collection newly released stunning free fonts for download

Saturday, 27 April, 2013

Visuals appeal but, fonts help you understand best! Without proper typography and fonts, your visuals are incomplete. You may have the best colors and best logos with icons to attract the people to your website. But, your information load is not in the legible form as you did not use the right and attractive typography or fonts. This can be a major blunder!

When you have a tattoo done, the fonts are different. These fonts should be essentially attractive as well as legible. If you have fonts that just look attractive, it would soon start to bore you. An icon without a proper typography, a t-shirt print with just the right visual and wrong typography can all be blunders of design.

This is the very reason designers strive hard to catch hold of the right fonts and typography. You would find that your web design is getting updated regularly with a brilliant combination of fonts and typography so that your work appeals and attracts well. You would constantly witness the new release of a font or typography or art of writing that would give you the liberty to design your website well.

It is the art of letters brought together in a visually appealing manner. You would find that there are a variety of ways to write the same letters and each way is beautiful. Here is a collection more than 20 fresh newly released free fonts for you as freebies. Choose from a variety of fonts and typos that suit your purpose the best. Create a visually and graphically appealing website or application now!

Fruit Sale – Free Type Face

Fruit Sale FREE Type Face on Behance

Avera – Font Family

Avera - Font Family on Behance

Bamq Typeface

Bamq Typeface - Free download on Behance

STELA UT (Free Weight)


Distractor Free Font

Distractor free typeface on Behance



Hiruko Pro (Free)

Hiruko Pro FREE on Behance

Vim Sm – Free Typeface

Vim SM Free Typeface on Behance

Aleo – Free Font Family

ALEO  Free Font Family on Behance

Sequi – FREE Typeface

Sequi - FREE Typeface on Behance

Monster Happy font

Monsters & Monster Happy FREE on Behance

Laika free font

Laika FREE on Behance

Guakala font

Guakala free font

Witching Hour Free Font

Witching Hour Font

Henriette Free Font

Henriette font face

Hemigraphy Free Font


Seagle Free Font

seagle free font

Graycat Free Font


Stripe 3D Font

stripe 3D font


lighthouse free font

This guest post is written by Debarshi. He is an avid reader of DesignModo – very popular web design blogs which publish web design tutórials and freebies occasionally.

Cool Sprites – Free overlapped CSS menu using CSS Sprites

Monday, 18 January, 2010
free overlapped pure css menu using css sprites

It is said that 70 to 80 percentage of the end-user response time is spent on the front-end. A major portion of this time is exhausted on downloading all the external components in a web page including, stylesheet, images, scripts, flash etc. An extra HTTP request adds 200+ milliseconds to a page (worldwide average).

Since most of today’s browsers limit about 3 or 4 parallel requests at a time, a page with so many external references can cause the requests to get queued up. This may eventually cause the page loading time to increase. In short, the fewer files the web browser has to fetch that much faster the site loads. It’s as simple as that.

What is CSS sprite?

CSS sprites can be termed as a method for reducing the number of image requests to a web page by combining multiple images into a single image, and display the desired segment using CSS background-image and background-position properites. Now that almost all major browsers started supporting CSS background-image and background-position properties, CSS sprites are getting more significance.

Cool Sprites – Free Pure CSS menu for download

Here I am presenting a cool overlapped pure CSS menu created using CSS sprites. This is an initial draft version, so far I have checked it only in Firefox 3.5, IE 7, Chrome 3.0 & Opera 9.02 and it looks fine. If anyone of you finds any issues in any other browsers, please lemme know. Cool sprites is a pack of four different versions of the same menu. The photoshop source is also available for download, so that you can customize it as per your need. Since this menu is largely dependent on the background image, you need to customize the image to alter the link label, color, size etc.

Cool Sprites – LIVE PREVIEW

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