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How to create a blog within a drupal powered website?

Friday, 7 November, 2014

Drupal is really a PHP centered content management system (CMS) and needs a MySQL database. The basic installing Drupal can be turned into several diverse types of webpage’s with no trouble. That’s from simple web-blogs to good on line networks. Installation of Drupal can be changed into a CMS, a web-blog, a newsletter program, a community, a graphic gallery and significantly more. At this time, we will provide information about the Drupal use as to start a blog application.

For lots of people, making a personal website is their first step into the entire world of self-publishing. Some pick up blogging merely as a hobby, while the others take action out of a necessity. But no matter what the reasons are, when it comes down to it, everyone creates in order to be read. In the end, what is the stage in writing otherwise? And this is what makes planning for achievement required or at the least anything to factor in.

Nevertheless, with good flexibility there also comes good prospect of starting out in the wrong path and having to repair points afterwards. That information thus aims at giving ideas on how to build just one person website using Drupal and preventing frequent problems in performing so. It is written with the amateur and intermediate Drupal person in your mind, but needs some previous knowledge concerning phrases and fundamental techniques. Number previous knowledge of Drupal module development or Drupal theme development is needed.

Archives are good use navigation element for blogs that upgrade everyday and wherever posts bear a strong chronological reference. Your choice of if an archive is needed can merely be produced by addressing oneself the simple question of if a random person may be interested in learning, what occurred on the website on a random day. When the answer is “no”, then an archive is probable only distracting litter and the space it occupies on the page could be useful for better purposes.

drupal pathologic moduleWhen blogs develop in popularity, so does often their need in extra features. Such things as neighborhood forums or internet stores are normally on the surface of the hope listing of wanted extensions. Committed blogging techniques, by description, can’t meet such needs and could need additional software items to be mounted and integrated, in order to do the job. Developing an internet site by using many different material administration techniques is less than desired, as that adds to the administrative cost and usually generates all kinds of compatibility issues. Drupal bypasses such problems by providing a structure, allowing connecting additional operation correct in to the core program, when the requirement arises.

The important thing to bear in mind is to select wisely which methods to support and those to skip. The individual mind is just capable of watching a restricted level of various objects at the same time. Providing more may just be perceived as clutter. The guideline here’s never to surpass significantly more than seven visually/functional distinct areas/units per page without an excellent reason.

This guest article was written by Kristin, who is a content developer and online marketing specialist, has years of experience in content development and marketing. She works with, a company that provides online software coupons and discounts.

It’s Alive!

Sunday, 6 December, 2009

Finally! I am done with my blog design. Now I realized the fact that, the toughest task any web designer can take on is ‘designing his own website’.

I have been thinking about starting a personal blog or portfolio for quite long, may be for the last 3 or 4 years. Finally, I have registered my own domain name 4 months back. Thanks to yahoo-geocities for closing their brilliant free web-hosting service, bcoz its after reading geocite’s closure email alert, I started thinking seriously about registering a domain name and starting a blog ASAP. Bcoz its really painful to realize that I am gonna loose my online personal identity which has been silently helping me from behind throughout my personal and professional careers for more than 8 years till now. And after all it’s Aravind, the highly talented young web 2.0 guy who explained to me the vast capabilities of wordpress as a CMS, and now after trying it out, I understand that wordpress is more than just a blogging tool, simply superb!

For the last four months I have been burning all my late-night energy and bandwidth to make my blog design pleasing to myself. I tried almost all color schemes, all possible layout options, but I never get pleased with the outcome. I keep on changing the design every now and then all these days. All that I wanted was a website which is visually appealing, user-friendly, simple & fast loading. I don’t know why I am going through such a dreaded creative block in this case alone. May be because my approach was too much emotional here.

Anyway, at last I have decided to compromise on some of my design ideas and to make the site live as early as possible, and I hope it will soon get evolved as my dream design. 🙂