My first wordpress plugin – Delicious Bookmark Button with realtime bookmark count

My first wordpress plugin – Delicious Bookmark Button with realtime bookmark count
delicious bookmark counter button with total bookmark count needs no introduction, and if you still do not use delicious bookmarking service, there is something obviously missing in your life! Delicious is a famous social bookmarking site that has achieved rapid popularity and growth ever since it was being purchased by Yahoo Inc in 2005. Delicious is my all-time favorite bookmarking service. Many features have contributed to this, including the website’s simple interface, human-readable URL scheme, a novel domain name, a simple REST-like API, and RSS feeds for web syndication. Hence I was really particular about placing a delicious badge in my blog from the very beginning.

As part of my recent blog redesign I’ve searched many places for a nice looking delicious bookmark button which can also display the total bookmark count just like the tweetmeme button. I wanted a button that blends along with other bookmarking buttons such as twitter, digg, facebook etc. A significant amount of my time was spent on googling and browsing through the wordpress plugin directory, but I never found what I wanted.

So finally, I’ve decided to create my own wordpress plugin. After going through some beginner level tutorials on wordpress plugin development nuts and bolts, I have created what I exactly wanted. I am really really happy, that I have become the proud owner of a wordpress plugin 🙂

And now after 2 weeks of releasing my new web design blog theme, I have been getting number of emails and DMs on my new delicious bookmarking button. So I have decided to share it online, so that anyone can download it and use in their wordpress blogs, if they found it useful.

So far I have checked it only in my wordpress which is version 2.8.4, and it is working perfect. In case If you come across any issues while using it, please let me know about it right away.

Anyway, enough chat – Onward to the plugin details!

Note: This plugin is outdated and is not working with the latest wordpress versions, since removing it from the page.

41 thoughts on “My first wordpress plugin – Delicious Bookmark Button with realtime bookmark count

  1. This plugin is one of my top 10 plugins and I insist on having it on all my websites. We all know how useful Delicious is when it comes to SEO so this plugin is a must.

  2. It never ceases to surprise me that WordPress has such a dedicated community developing PlugIns which are then freely available.

    Many thanks for a fine effort with this one Deepu

  3. Hi! I am currently working as web dev. and i made a plugin for delicious badge to get the total bookmark on the user’s posted link. the api link to get total bookmark is “{url md5}”, but it wont work anymore.
    I dont use wordpress on the work, but I am more on scripting like php, jquery.
    Is there an other way how to get total bookmark?

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  5. Deepu,

    Thank you for this welcome help. I was wondering if you could help me add to some tweaks.

    1. I want to add the words ” | Prost Amerika Soccer” to the delicious site after the title of the article. Where in the code could I insert something to enable this?

    2. Is there a way of automatically adding an excerpt, ie the first 40 words, to the Notes section on the Delicious page?

    Thanks again for doing this plug-in.



    1. Thanks for letting me know about the issue… I think the issue is when you are on the latest version wordpress… Now I have checked the plugin in wordpress 3.0.1 and able to fix the bug. Please try the following..
      1. go to your wordpress plugins page, click the ‘edit’ link under the plugin ‘delicious bookmark button’
      2. now you will get the delit.php in edit mode. scroll down to the bottom part of that page.
      3. find the function call ‘add_options_page’
      4. There you will see the word ‘Delicious Badge’ repeated 3 times in the function call. Just remove the space from the third word and make it ‘DeliciousBadge’.
      5. Click update file and then try again clicking the ‘delicious badge’ button under settings menu.

      Please lemme know the result. Basically we just removed a space from the word ‘delicious Badge’

    1. No short code at the moment, but if you have the Exec-PHP wordpress plugin installed, you can add the badge in posts, pages and text widgets, like the way the badge is being displayed in the preview section of this post.

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    1. well, i guess you can check how they find the difference in other WP plingus in this issue about the settings: i guess there are many browsers ans OS that you didn’t added to this plugin. maybe you can add an option to the user to add by himself agents, and maybe you can even make the plugin to send what the users added to a main DB, so he will share his knowledge with tall the plingus users Dor.

  7. Nice! you have done something I was needing so badly but did have the time to look for it, now it’s in my hands thanks to you Deepu!

    I need to add the Delicious buttons to some blogs 😉

  8. Its simply ooozing w Delicious Awesomeness Deepu 😀 I Love it !!! In fact , I was thinking ( and looking for something like this when I was on Blogger , but certain WP plugins are somewhat a limited commodity on Bloggers platform ) ; Also, this is wayyyy cooler & sleeker than the tweetmeme button ( in my opinion ) 😉 Its also wayyyy cool that you made a compact version along with the regular one .

    Ok, now make more !!! heheee 😀


      1. I have opened up single.php in my wordpress appreance/editor and can not find
        I have Twenty Ten theme installed and the latest version of Worpress. I know this is a lot to ask or maybe you can login to my Wprdpress blog or just guide me in what i am doing wrong. Please! I would love to get this working. Thank you Vince Eyceman Enterprizes.

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