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Monday, 23 February, 2015

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Ground rules for implementing slider in mobile applications

Friday, 13 February, 2015

There is no dearth of mobile applications in the app stores, however, only a few of them are able to create a buzz and others get flopped. Thus, if you are interested in creating a surefire application that goes viral upon its release, you must focus over its superior functions, and intuitive and impressive visual appeal.

As far as, the design patterns are concerned, there are several options available in the market. While diving deep into the topic, you will observe that there is an overwhelming list of options for each UI element. Thus, it is advisable to streamline your choice by considering the prime goals of your app. In this article, I will unleash various styles of slider that can be integrated in a mobile application while enhancing its overall look and feel, and tips for a better approach.

Significance of Integrating Sliders

A slider can add to the intuitiveness of an application, as it augments the user interaction with an app. A well implemented slider not only makes the app intriguing, but it also facilitates users to precisely enter a value within a specific range. Sliders offer an ultimate way to interact on touchscreens while consuming a little screen space and are easily accessible.

However, unfortunately, getting sliders wrong is quite easy and this can frustrate your users and thus, impact your app success. Therefore, it is imperative to have an insight into different types of sliders and their implementation in mobile apps.

Let’s explore various types of sliders.

sliders in mobile apps
You can scrutinize the sliders broadly into two categories, including single sliders and dual sliders. Single sliders are viable for seeking one value from users and dual sliders are ideal for restricting search filters and form values to a particular range. Both these types of sliders can support either continuous adjustments or discrete adjustments.

The continuous adjustments can be defined as intermediate values in a range. That is, it allows user to choose a transitional value via the slider with a flair; for example, when you want users to input their budget via a slider, continuous adjustments will offer a great solution. On the contrary, if you want to offer an option to choose a value from a predefined set, the discrete adjustments make a viable choice. It represents value within the predefined increments; for instance, giving an option to choose the clothing size, (or shoe size) via a slider.

Pitfalls Related To Sliders And Tips To Triumph Over Them

A slider can be blissful or hateful, it all depends upon the way it has been implemented. Here is a list of helpful tips to prevail the issues that are quite common with sliders in mobile.

1. Provide the actual range instead of arbitrary values:

By including the actual range (that is, the minimum and maximum value), which a user can choose via the slider, you can make the process more clear and intuitive. The actual range, thus, make the search more effective. Like, if you are searching for a dress priced less than $1000, with a slider with a range from $2500 to $6500 for an inventory, it clearly shows that you won’t get anything at desired budget under this window.

2. Showcase the numbers:

By allowing users to view the value (while they are hovering over the slider) will make your slider more useful for mobile devices. Thus, it is advisable to represent the chosen value above the slider, so that it is not covered by the fingertip of a user while accessing the slider.

3. Discrete is better than continuous:

Although, continuous sliders allow users to input an exact value, but using them is a daunting task. Imagine, entering a value while traveling in a bumpy train, you may end dialing a value that is not even feasible in the field. There is no doubt that continuous sliders make inventory-related tasks more efficient and smooth, but observing its real time drawback, it is better to go with discrete sliders. Since, discrete values on a slider makes it easily operable, users can conveniently dial a feasible value.

There is no rocket science involved in implementing the sliders. You just need to understand the exact utilities of different types of sliders. By implementing the best suited slider with an appropriate code without leaving the key objectives of your app behind, you can deliver an ultimate mobile UX. Thus, using a correct type of slider in a precise way can surely delight your users and leverage your business.

This guest article was written by Rick Brown, who is a veteran iPhone app programmer with Mobiers Ltd – a reputed iOS development company. You can avail iOS developers for hire with his best assistance and advices, in case you are looking forward for the same.

Credible reasons for you to choose ReactJS over AngularJS

Tuesday, 3 February, 2015

There is absolutely no doubt over the fact that AngularJS came as a whiff of fresh and welcoming air for developers who find it too tough to get going as their code began to be populated with too much of jQuery selectors and callbacks.

AngularJS has surely added a number of innovations the the way development projects are carried out for applications of varied size and scope.

But all said and done, there are certain issues cropping up that have often placed the developers in a pool of seemingly unending confusion or even performance issues. More specifically, the performance levels drop when there are too many items to handle. That’s where ReactJS proves to be a great alternative.

But before that, let’s have a closer look at the AngularJS drawbacks:

  • There is an unhealthy dependence of AngularJS on DOM. The data binded to DOM leads to the full pages being rendered whenever there is a change initiated. And it leads to slowing down of the debugging of execution order.
  • Two-way binding in AngularJS leads to serious performance degradations as and when the components become complicated. The rendering becomes achingly slow. Also, in two way binding you can find many components having the capacity to modify the data, which eventually leads to a situation where you have several data input sources. With inputs heavily pouring in, you might find yourself overwhelmed.
  • There are compatability issues because several number of times your components may not fall in unison with the data models. For instance, using JavaScript for data modification calls for the application of Angular’s $apply function, and this has its own discrepancies.
  • AngularJS is pretty hard to learn with its remarkably complicated and unheard concepts. The directives and filters make it abundantly hard for anyone to get a good grasp over it. Besides that, it can be become a serious headache to debug in AngularJS.

How React Makes a Difference

angularJS vs reactJS
React, as an open source framework to have recently made its way into the market, has emerged as a turn-key way to develop JavaScript apps. There is no surprise over the fact that it is being sought after with such a keen desire.

Unlike a typiccal application framework, React focuses heavily on building interfaces that are user-friendly to the core. The factors that perch it above AngularJS include:

React is faster than AngularJS

React also works with DOM, but in a way that is distinguished as compared to the other frameworks. You don’t have to get involved with DOM directly, but via Virtual DOM, which lies between JavaScript logic and the actual DOM.

This arrangement leads to some serious boost in the web performance. And as the rendering process keep on executing, a differential on the Virtual DOM is performed by the React. Following this, it only updates those components in DOM that need an update.

React Retains the Cross-Browser Compatibility

Another advantage to React introducing Virtual DOM is that it resolves the concerns associated with lack of browser compatibility. The standardized API we get access to via Virtual DOM works in sync with almost all browsers.

Modularized App

With React, you have the freedom to create and test the components in an altogether separate environment. Also, these components can make use of the other components as well, which in turns leads to much more improved maintainability.

Data Flows Only in One Direction

No two-way binding woes with React! For making sure that in JavaScript applications, there is a layer that facilitates one way data layer, Flux was formed. It proves to be extremely handy for those who are eyeing development of applications of particularly large scale and scope. Flux can be used with React in order to streamline the development process and make sure that complexities and performance bottlenecks do not find their way up into your implementations.

SEO-Driven JavaScript

Search engine bots have a hard time crawling through the single page JS web apps. But React performs a pre-rendering on the apps and only then do they reach to the user agent. The state on the server can be thus restored on to the live app and this has an impact in the way search engine bots depend on the server response.

ReactJS is well on its way to dominatingly replace AngularJS, riding on a whole suite of benefits.

This guest article was written by Rick Brown, who is a veteran iPhone application developer for Mobiers Ltd – a leading iOS apps development company. In case, you are willing to dig-out more information about the related services, get in touch with him.