Will tumblr become the next wordpress?

Will tumblr become the next wordpress?

In today’s internet-based society, blogging is on the rise. Thanks to the wide range of blogging platforms that are available for free today, almost everyone is utilizing blogging for both personal and business purposes. Among various blogging platforms  WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Tumblr are on the top of the list.

WordPress is the ultimate winner, there is no doubt on that. But here comes the big questions, could Tumblr catch up with WordPress? Does Tumblr have enough capabilities to compete with WordPress, or even the popularity of Joomla and Drupal?

Of sure, it is too early for Tumblr to catch up with CMS giants like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. However, Tumblr enjoys some unique and exceptional features which make it capable of beating a titanic CMS like WordPress and being the next CMS powerhouse.

It is worth mentioning that microblogging platform has gained more popularity since Tumblr’s birth in 2007. And because Tumblr really enjoys a strong foundation, it can head all other CMS platforms, even WordPress.

Let Figures Talk about Tumbr’s Capability

Although Tumblr is still in its youth with regard to WordPress, Joomla and Drupal platforms, it has a flourishing user-base with more than 52 billion individual posts. And with more than 900 posts being published every second, the platform actually attracts 300 million targeted visitors monthly. The previous mentioned figures tell a one sure fact, Tumblr is one of the fastest growing blogging and CMS platforms around.

By reading the above statistics in-depth we can realize how Tumblr is an exciting and powerful project.  So, Yahoo was smart enough to make the decision of acquiring the platform.

Why Can Tumblr be the next CMS powerhouse?

tumble - the next wordpressSince Tumblr enjoys unmatched simplicity, the probability of being the number one CMS is very high. It may just need some more compelling content management tools. By having more professional content management capabilities, Tumblr can efficiently compete with other CMS giants.

As a matter of fact, the blogging platforms and social communities are attracting people of all ages ranging from old people to youth, teenagers and even children.  And Tumblr offers a complete new level of simplicity to people compared to WordPress and all other CMS giants, most of them require a learning curve to just get started and more time to be professional user. On the other hand, Tumblr does not involve any configuration or installation, nor do you need to pay for enjoying a unique URL or hosting your site.

With all the above mentioned facts, Tumblr could effectively appeal to most segments of people. And as the Internet continues to grow, it is expected that Tumblr attracts more blossoming population.

Tumblr’s Social Integration

When it comes to talking about socializing, Tumblr can stand out from the crowd thanks to its outstanding social integration. It has numerous socializing tools and capabilities including, but not limited to, easy to like contents, easy to follow  certain content or user, easy to link up to Facebook, Twitter and other social communities,  the ability to re-blogging, etc. All in all, Tumblr has incredible community functions that allow it to be an exceptional socializing platform.

What features does Tumblr need to surpass other titanic CMS platforms?

Apart from the functionality and simplicity of Tumblr, there are some limitations and drawback of thesystem, let’s list them.

Page Layout & Customization Limitations

Tumblre has limited page layouts which is a prominent drawback. So, Tumblr needs to think twice about the available themes and page layouts. Only those who know how to create a custom HTML theme can enjoy better and more attractive page layout at Tumblr. In brief, Tumblr has some work to do in terms of design to beat the competition.

Poor Search Engine Optimization

Tumblr has another big pitfall; it is not capable of complying with search engine optimization strategies. However, all grand CMS comply with. Most people online like to have posts that can be optimized for search engines so that they can reach a wider range of visitors.

Additionally, Tumblr allows duplicate content through its re-blogging feature and this is what Google does not like at all.  And when it comes to ranking well in search engines, Tumblr does not apply any unique title tags, which is really a huge pitfall. For Tumblr to surpass other monster CMS applications, it is a must to think twice about search engine optimization features.

Lack Of Support For Self Hosting

Another drawback when comparing Tumblre with other popular CMS is the lack of ability to “Self Host”. Experts usually stress on the importance of getting your own private blog. Actually, there are big differences between creating a free blog and having your own blog, in another term, “self host” blog. In brief, self-hosting your WordPress blog is always the way to go.

Wrapping Up

Tumblr is a micro blogging platform that enjoys multiple functionality and simplicity features that really allow micro blogging to move from strength to strength. On the other side, However, Tumble lacks a lot of search engine optimization aspects. So, for Tumblr to reach a prestigious status and rival the likes of WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, it is a must to have some compelling search engine optimization strategies and also “self-host” feature.

After reading the above article about Tumblr and its powerful features as well as pitfalls, what do you think about Tumblr?  Has it the potential to compete with WordPress and be CMS powerhouse?

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