20 brilliant examples of corporate logo rebranding attempts

20 brilliant examples of corporate logo rebranding attempts

Modifying or improving the logo, brand name, tagline or theme of an established brand is generally termed as rebranding. It is a marketing strategy usually adopted by top established brands to offer a fresh and creative look to it’s product or services.  Top companies rarely adopt rebranding strategies in order to stay up-to-date with the times or to race ahead of the competition.

Logo redesign is an important process in corporate rebranding, simply upgrading the logo design itself can bring more freshness to the corporate identity. The very first step in rebranding process is the logo redesign. It is based on the logo design the entire branding strategy progresses. There are so many things the designer should keep in mind while redesigning an already established logo. Since the basic aim of redesign is to bring more freshness, the new logo should have some basic resemblance to the original logo. By this way the customers will be able to relate the new identity with the original one and it can also help the company gain the goodwill and respect which the brand has earned all these days. The logo should represent growth and positive attitude which in some way related to the company’s overall focus. Simplicity is another significant thing to consider during the redesign process, a clean and simple logo can easily obtain a prominent space in customer’s mind. Colors also play a very vital role in the whole brand rebuilding strategy, great level of care should be given in color selection. The brand colors should deliver a pleasant warm feeling about the company and its focus. The final step in the brand building process is to publicize the redesigned identity to make the public aware of the interesting change. Various marketing techniques can be adopted for this using internet, television, radio, leaflets etc. Social media marketing strategies can also be employed to promote the rebranded identity quickly.

Here we have collected around 20 brilliant examples of corporate rebranding approaches which focus mainly on the logo redesign. All of these logo designs are linked to its original source. The images are bookmarked with the original URL, each of these images has its own copyright terms of usage, please contact the copyright owner for the right permission.

City of Melbourne Rebranding

City of Melbourne council rebranding

Puerto Rico Islanders Rebrand

Rebranding of The Puerto Rico Islanders, the first and foremost a professional soccer team based in Bayamón, Puerto Rico.

Dubai Film Festival Rebrand Pitch

The idea was to rebrand the Dubai Film Festival and to retain the vital horse icon in the logo.

Gardenal Daily Gourmet – proposal

Gardenal daily gourmet logo design

Stroopers Logo Redesign

Logo Rebranding idea for Stroopers

The Malayan bank Logo Rebranding

Redesigning the Identity of Malayan Bank Savings Bank
Corporate Identity / Branding Thesis by Carlo Lalo Castillo

CabDental logo rebranding

CabDental logo rebranding

MuchaFiesta rebranding

MuchaFiesta logo redesign and rebranding

L & L Asersores Legales SC New Logo Design

L & L Asersores Legales SC New Logo Design

Destel TV Cable Rebranding

Destel es un concesionario de cable que opera en la región citrícola de Nuevo León, México

Scandia Food – Rebrand

Scandia – Rebranding a 90 years old food company, based in Romania.

The Lunch Cutters – Rebrand

Rebaranding The Lunch Cutters, a Wellington-based social cricket team with a relaxed approach to the sport.

White Castle Logo Redesign

White Castle identity – logo rebranding

Kids & Musik Rebranded Logo

Kids & Musik se especializa en el Método Suzuki, creado por el japonés Shinichi Suzuki, donde niños a partir de los 4 años pueden aprender sobre los siguientes instrumentos.

Hot Chocolate Rebrand

Hot chocolate corporate identity rebrand

Capital One logo redesign

The rebranding of the Capital One logo gives a refreshingly modern look to their current outdated logo.

Maglietta Club Rebrand

Redesign of clothing trade mark for the whole family of average class

HOME Artists Redesign

Identity redesign for HOME, an artist management and booking agency that represents Latin american talent.

Rebranding of World Series Hockey

The objective was to redesign and develop a new brand identity for the World Series Hockey in India and deliver a new face of Hockey to the Indian audiences.

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