Geeky Girls – Showcase of 50+ incredibly talented female web designers

Geeky Girls – Showcase of 50+ incredibly talented female web designers
Showcase of more than 50 highly talented female web designers

Sex or gender has nothing to do with creativity or talent. Being exceptionally talented is not connected to being male or female. I have been really curious about the number of ladies in the web design industry, since the day a friend of mine termed the web design industry as a male dominated area. With this contention in mind, I have carried out a little research on the number of women in web design. The upshot of this research was the discovery of a lot of incredibly talented female designers with a lot of fresh and unique stuff in their portfolios.

Here, I am presenting you with a random list of more than 50 beautiful lady geeks, who I have bookmarked during my searches. I know there is a lot more female talent out there with exceptional flair. Feel free to bring up their names in the comments 🙂

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50 thoughts on “Geeky Girls – Showcase of 50+ incredibly talented female web designers

  1. Great stuff…
    You are a self-taught designer and developer. What are your references and how long did it take to be a professional designer?

  2. Cool list.

    I’m a ” meh ” programmer and have been forced to do front ends before. Women , wabbits or anything else – got to love the skill.

  3. Great list! But you forgot to included Gail Dela Cruz of 😀

    Anyway, Amy Stoddard and Gisele Jaquenod are in your list! Those girls are great designers! Whoa! 😀 I love their designs…

  4. a very inspirational list.. 😀
    wish i could be on the list someday..
    i am so proud for having Wiehanne on the list..we both are from Indonesia..Woohooo..

  5. I love the list. Many incredible designers, Verlee being still my fav;)
    Maybe one day you will include me;)

    All the best!

    1. Thanks Marta…
      Your portfolio sites looks really great, you definitely deserve a place in the list. Sorry for overlooking you and many other talented gals out there… If there is a second part to this post I am sure, u’ll be there.

  6. Hell yes, great post. The DezignDiva (Mia Zoe) is amazing & also a super cool one of a kind person. This is my first visit, will surely be back.

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  8. Hi,

    This list is incomplete!!!!!!!!!!! u missed great designer from Australia and UK like Jen Gordon!!!!!!!!

  9. I wonder if sites of male designers also always feature photos of the person? That’s odd in a way. I would suppose their talent and experience was the decisive factor, so why do they all post photos of them? Does sex sell after all? I guess yes, otherwise we wouldn’t be on this page.

  10. Nice list, and they always smell so nice, and quite easy on the eyes too! Yes, many benefits to a female designer.

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  12. This is an excellent list, I am compiling something very similar at this present moment in time!!

    Many many thanks for including me on this list.. I feel privileged to appear with some of these very well known talented female web designers!!

    Thanks! 🙂

  13. Well, how cool is this?!! I’m honored that Deepu chose to include me on this list of talented designers. My former algebra teacher would have a good chuckle at the thought of me ever being called “geeky” since I couldn’t run a program to save my life in high school. Thanks again!

  14. Thanks for the nice mention! Always awesome to see the ladies getting some love.

    I have lots of others I’d like to add, but that’d be a whole other list!

  15. Its great to see such dedication among the women in the web design industry. I have come across some incredibly talented web designers in the early part of the this year.

    Is Photoshop Lady really managed by a woman? 😀

  16. Hi Bala, Thanks For Sharing this..

    Out of 50 , I Know Only Mia. She is a Very good Web designer, Helped Me out in Choosing and Designing Template For My Blog, i asked(Tortured) Her to make Many Changes and she Did for me Without any Hesitation! She is Such a Kind Hearted Women 🙂

    I Will Surly Visit Other Sites When i have time!
    Congrats to All.. Keep it Up!

  17. P.S: I failed to mention that Kimberly Coles is one FANTABULOUS artist – I love her Illustrative work , shes awesome ! 😀

  18. Now I wonder who could have ever said that Web Design was a male dominated arena ? hmm.. 😀
    This was a very nice way of paying homage to the great and talented women inhabiting the industry and yes , there are many more out there who are definitely overlooked , such as my good friend Lauren Thompson | Nymphont , Super – talented Font Creator & Web Designer , as well as Grace Smith ( UBER Talented Web designer !) and highly respected amongst her peers , and of course another great colleague Dani of AniDan Designs whose work I also love & admire .
    Wonderful roundup though of some very talented women in the industry . Thank you for showcasing them Deepu 🙂

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