The Smart Phone vs the Computer

The Smart Phone vs the Computer
The Minimal Differences between the Smart Phone and the Computer

The Minimal Differences between the Smart Phone and the Computer

Today, it seems as though computers and phones are practically the same device. Many smart phones can now perform the tasks of computers such as emailing, writing blog posts, and even information storage, while computers are able to perform phone-like functions such as being able to make a call, send a text, or find a phone number.

The integration of computers into cell phones to create the high functioning smart phone has led many to wonder whether or not the smart phone will eventually replace the laptop or computer. Sure, a proper initial reaction is to scoff or wonder about such a blasphemous comment against the computer, but claiming that phones could actually replace computers – especially laptops – isn’t so far fetched.

Smart phones literally have capabilities that surpass some of the best laptops. When was the last time that you saw a laptop with an 8 megapixel camera and LED flash, or were able to verbally speak through your laptop while browsing the web? Sure, some high end laptops have these capabilities, but they are higher in price and not nearly as accessible as a smart phone.

With a smart phone, you can now live stream movies and videos, download songs, shot and edit pictures and HD videos, type and send emails, and create and post blog posts. You can even organize documents and collect data through programs like Evernote. The only drawbacks to owning a smart phone and not a laptop are display size, memory, and a keyboard.[ad#ad-1]

Most people love being able to sit down at their laptop and quickly type out an email, report, or blog post with the ease that only having a full keyboard can provide. Although many smart phones only come with type pads that are only a few inches big, many are now selling foldable, full-size keyboards as accessories for smart phones.

The size of the display is perhaps one area in which the smart phone will never surpass the laptop. The reason for this is simple. If smart phones were to have displays as large as those on laptops, they would be netbooks. However, smart phones now have the capability to be plugged in to a flat screen TV. So now you can live stream TV and movies and play them on your TV. You can even play the home videos that you shot using your HD camcorder on your smart phone on your flat screen.

There is no doubt that phones are becoming increasingly important in our day-to-day functions. Although whether or not smart phones will one day replace the laptop is still in question, it is sure that right now they both compliment each other incredibly well. You can even now start project on your smart phone and finish it on your laptop or vice versa. Smart phones applications and software may still be in their growing phases, but there is no doubt that with their even increasing functionality that laptops may one day become a technology of the past.

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