Major web redesigning considerations you can’t ignore!

By: Deepu Balan on 06/15/15 2:14 PM No Comments »
Planning for redesigning or revamping a website could prove to be an exciting process. Almost all the websites on the Internet do undergo at least a minor update at regular intervals to keep their website on-the-go with latest trends. If you have your own business as well as its online web presence, then at some point the site need to be redesigned, either for the aesthetic reasons or due to changing nature or due to any other reasons like change in the service. Usually, majority of the designers as well as creative teams see this opportunity for just focusing entirely […] Continue Reading...

I’ve just redesigned

By: Deepu Balan on 07/3/10 11:34 PM 16 Comments »
I have been thinking about a complete redesign ever since the day my blog was officially launched. My previous design which was my first wordpress effort was released 6 months back. and now, I’ve shaped something fresh. It’s now your turn guys, please have a look at my new theme and lemme know your honest opinion about the new look and feel. If you hit upon any pages or section that are not working or looking weird, please lemme know right away. Still there are a couple of dead links (Portfolio, About), please bear with me I will make it […] Continue Reading...