Major web redesigning considerations you can’t ignore!

Major web redesigning considerations you can’t ignore!

Planning for redesigning or revamping a website could prove to be an exciting process. Almost all the websites on the Internet do undergo at least a minor update at regular intervals to keep their website on-the-go with latest trends. If you have your own business as well as its online web presence, then at some point the site need to be redesigned, either for the aesthetic reasons or due to changing nature or due to any other reasons like change in the service.

Usually, majority of the designers as well as creative teams see this opportunity for just focusing entirely on the visual design of the site while ultimately overlooking the SEO, content as well as the functionality of the site. There are some of the instances where the site having remarkable search traffic, gets vanished after it is being redesigned. As a result, it becomes important to redesign a website keeping in mind that in addition to enhance the presentation of website, it also helps in getting traffic, higher conversion rates as well as functionality that would govern website’s success or failure. So, below are presented some of the major web designing considerations shortlisted by one of the best web designing companies in Australia:

Rigorous Research:

It is necessary to know whom you are targeting, before analysing the factors that are going to deliver results. One has to concentrate on the design, functionality as well as SEO factors that are necessary to be dictated by the informed research. You need to evaluate your existing website with the existing ones

Website Structure:

Just redesigning a website would not help your website with a fresh look, but instead it would give you an opportunity for reorganizing the way how your site is being structured. The priority while redesigning a website must be analysing the effectiveness of the current website. This will help you in ensuring different strategies for improving the optimal visibility as well as conversions. Also, there are some of the primary approaches, like the responsiveness of website, adaptive, mobile site, apps and many more that must be considered while website redesigning.

Navigation of Pages:

Navigation is an important factor to consider while website redesigning. It should be easily navigated by both- human visitors as well as search engine spiders, while resulting into significant effect on the visibility as well as the success of the website. Also, the URL structure must be short, concise as well as easy to remember. While redesigning any website, the URL structure and sitemap should be structured easily for ensuring search engines to analyse what each page is about. Also, you need to consider how human visitors would navigate the site to make an easy walkthrough on the site.


The redirection of the pages must be done appropriately. With the change in URL structure, it is important to retain the SEO rankings and improve it further. Auditing as well as analysing all the incoming and outgoing links is necessary so that to make the navigation more convenient and user-friendly. As soon as you build an inventory of the backward links you could map them using the 301 redirection techniques. One can even look for the canonical strategies for various “www” index files as well as other forms of duplicate content.


Generally, the budget sand time one has is unlimited. If one is having considerable budget and time, then each and every component of the site must be fixed appropriately. Testing is the main part for redesigning any website that includes almost everything, right from wireframes, mock-ups, content, images, colour and many other factors.

Conclusion: The above-stated factors could definitely help you with the best website redesigning, but still the most crucial part would be designing a smooth transitional website. This is the most important consideration as it will help the users with a smoother interface that could definitely help your website in getting a lot of repeated traffic. Some of the vital elements like the navigation and header should strive with the evolution of the existing site rather than appearing as a dramatic replacement. If in case you are looking for a dramatic replacement, you need to ensure to clear this to your customers through any blog posts or news announcements through some of the best platforms.

As a result, it could be said that the digital marketing is being quickly transforming into entirely integrated discipline. So, a website which plays a major part to make your web presence globally should be redesigned by keeping all the above factors into consideration.

Ryan Holman is a web designer and working with one of the best web designing companies in Australia since few years. With this post, he is sharing some of the major website design considerations that can’t be ignored.

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