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5 Basic Adobe Photoshop Tips for Beginners

Friday, 20 December, 2013

Adobe Photoshop is a unique software tool that can do wonders to photographs. This is not all; you can actually carve out an excellent career option by if you have been able to master adobe Photoshop properly. Read the following post to know more about Adobe Photoshop Tips.

Web designing has several variants. There are multiple approaches to use the web designing tools and they can actually work wonders for millions of users. Photoshop is one such tool in the domain of web designing that can actually help in designing website and carrying out other works. And if you are already in the field of web designing then opting for it is the best way out.

If you have the software Adobe Photoshop, may be you are bound to move in the right path of becoming a successful web designer. This is because, Adobe Photoshop is one of the most advanced web designing tools that can ensure multiple options about creating and boosting your productivity.

But how well versed are you with Photoshop? Some require 5 days to create a design while some end up creating the same design within 2 days. It is not always about how you click but how well versed you are with the intricacies of Photoshop. Unlocking its full potential is the key to unravel your creative talents and boost productivity. The following paragraphs explain some of the killer tips:

Undo and More Undo

Web designing as an activity is quite addictive. The method of “trial and error” is one of the best ways to learn and gradually pick up the nuances of adobe Photoshop. Believe it or not, Adobe Photoshop is mostly about Ctrl+Z and a series of other trial and error methods. Do and Undo are some of the basic ways of learning and mastering the technicalities of the software adobe.

Color Sampling in any Way

Did you just manage to come across a website that uses some awesome colours? Well, so just grab the opportunities and pick up as much as you can. The next thing is of course incorporating the same in your next projects. Yes, deriving inspiration is one of the best ways to learn new things – be it web designing or any other domains. Launch a color picker, choose the colour and then derive its hex number; then connect on the color palette in Photoshop, now is the turn to get the colour. You can make use of effects and tools like Eyedropper tool or pressing I, to activate it; after that click on the Photoshop’s work screen and drag the eyedropper icon on the monitor and get the colour that you want. So, it seems quite easy isn’t it?

Flexible Guide

As a web designer you will have to work with a lot of guide to position an element correctly. Putting it in other terms, pixel perfect is the term. How do you end up creating a guide? You can follow the simple rules – Click on View, New Guide then decide it’s vertical and horizontal guide; consider input position and then click on Enter. You can end up saving these works just by clicking Ctrl+R, activate the Ruler tool, now the tool needs to be clicked, drag it and create a guide that is horizontal. Apart from instant creation, you can implement this useful tip: while you are dragging a guide with Move tool that can be activated by using the V key; press and hold Alt key; this will automatically change the horizontal guide to vertical guide.

Layer Style Cloning

Layer style cloning are some of the very entertaining ways of learning adobe Photoshop. Say for example, a social media icon looks quite tempting and unique; but it might be very tiring in case you end up applying the same layers of social media icon styles.

View Selections though One at a Time

While selecting a proper design layout, keep in mind that you need to check how the element looks. Check the slider’s button and confirm that they are completely devoid of any kind of transparency.

Among all other thing within the Adobe Photoshop, one can always learn new styles and implement them. Customizing font’s tracking; selecting layers, dealing with variants of typography is actually a great way of learning Adobe Photoshop.

An interesting field of web designing, jobs is widely available. A web designer can choose to specialize in Adobe, Flash or any other segments that happen to be the major focus of web designing. So, in case you want to learn adobe Photoshop, you can choose to apply the above-mentioned tips and thereby get to learn what you exactly want.

This guest article was written by Sampurna Majumder, a professional writer who enjoys creativity and challenges. Barely a year into new media, she has written several posts, articles and blogs for prominent websites covering a wide range of topics—from real estate to education; from jobs to relationships. The above post explores domain of web designing with special reference to Adobe jobs.

20 Unbelievably easy HTML and CSS web designing tutorials for beginners

Thursday, 14 March, 2013
beginner level tutorials on html css tutorials

So you’ve managed to start your small business and the cheapest way to market is through a digital platform. However, creating a website from scratch is just a little too alien for you. On the other hand, hiring a web designer is just out of the question. You end up asking yourself, “What can I do?” Simple! Just learn how to use Dreamweaver and we’re all set! Wrong!

To be able to create a genuine and good website, you must have a good grasp on HTML and CSS. Knowing how to use Dreamweaver and other software applications of such is good, but it can only get you as far as “copying a template” and NOT designing your own website. These two languages make it possible for you to customize your website according to your needs and your market’s wants.

Hypertext Markup Language or HTML is the foundation of all websites. It is the language of which websites are encoded. Contrary to what most of us know, it is fairly easy to understand and simple to apply. CSS or Cascading Style Sheets on the other hand is an advanced addition to HTML. It applies a specific command to all pages so that you wouldn’t have to repeat HTML commands in every page.

There are many software applications in the market today that offer easy solution to putting up your own website. However, these don’t really address the issue of “creating” your own website. It’s more like a cloning procedure. Hence, the knowledge of HTML and CSS codes are therefore inimitable. That is why in this post, we have gathered 20 easy, simple beginner level tutorials on web designing using HTML and CSS.

Basics of CSS

Basics of CSS
CSS Basics has a holistic approach to guiding their audience in understanding CSS codes. If it’s your first time to encounter CSS, this is the tutorial for you. Learn how to separate content from style and a lot more.

CSS Tricks

css tricks and tutorials
Is mostly tutorials by Chris Coyier and has a fun approach to learning CSS and HTML. There are videos, demos, snippets, and forums available for your heart’s content.

Design and Code Your First Website in Easy to Understand Steps

Design and Code Your First Website in Easy to Understand Steps
This tutorial will help you learn to design and code our first website in simple, easy steps. This tutorial was written for the beginner with the hope that it will give them the tools to write your own standards-compliant websites!

CodeNique – Free Tutorials on HTML & CSS

CodeNique - Free Tutorials on HTML & CSS
This showcases brief and basic tutorials on HTML, XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Being new to web designing you are sure to understand their big collection easily.

HTMLdog – Beginner level tutorials on HTML & CSS

Beginner level tutorials on HTML & CSS
This is not only for beginners but also for intermediate and professional levels. Their wide array of articles, references, and examples make HTML and CSS easy to learn.

From PSD to HTML: Building a Set of Website Designs Step by Step

Design and Code Your First Website in Easy to Understand Steps
This tutorial will take you through my entire process of getting from Photoshop to completed HTML. We’re going to build out a set of 4 PSD mockups of a website that eventually will become a WordPress theme.

HTML Basics

HTML Basics is a free online tutorial for HTML and CSS that support a wide range of different languages. Learn HTML and CSS codes in your native language.

Friendly Bit – Beginner’s guide to CSS

Beginner’s guide to CSS
This is a blog that focuses on web development with good and simple examples making it very easy to understand and learn. CSS has never been this easy!

W3 Schools – Learn to Create Websites

W3 Schools - Learn to Create Websites
This boasts of their easy-to-navigate format. Learn CSS and HTML fast by checking out their references and examples features. Their wide range of tutorials isn’t just for beginners but also for advanced CSS and HTML users as well.

Quackit – HTML – CSS Tutorials for beginners

HTML - CSS Tutorials for beginners
Instructs you to making a website from a beginner’s point of view up to an advanced pace. They have tutorials from the very meaning of HTML and CSS up to publishing and hosting your website design.

F1 website Design – Learn how to make a website

Learn how to make a website
F1 website design offers a complete beginners package in learning the basics of HTML and CSS. You don’t really have to know anything about it; all you need to do is to get started with their tutorials.

MSDN Beginner Developer

MSDN Beginner Developer
Learn the foundations of internet and web development in MSDN. They offer multiple levels of tutorials from beginning to advanced level. All you need to do is engage.

H Scripts – Beginners Guide to HTML

Beginners Guide to HTML
Has a large collection of web developing resources for webmasters. Such resources are tools, tutorials, references, scripts, images and a lot more.

VineyarDesigns – Free Flash CS3 Tutorial

Free Flash CS3 Tutorial
Explains the basic concepts of flash CS3 and CS4. Vineyardesigns approaches flash in a very simple way you won’t even have to have basic knowledge about it.

Web Developers Notes

Web Developers Notes
Has free tools, tips, notes, web developing tutorials on CSS and HTML, JavaScript, flash, SQL, web graphics and promotions. Learn their basics and start your web design.

Photoshop tutorials for beginners

Photoshop tutorials for beginners
Features their short movies about their tutorials on how to apply what you have just learned; discusses its practicality and importance. Learning basic Photoshop has never been more fun.

jQuery for absolute beginners

jQuery for absolute beginners
Is an official resource for all issues concerning jQuery. It’s like a library of tutorials, documentation, and examples on jQuery.

Free Flash Tutorials

Free adobe flash tutorials
Flash tutorials for beginners galore followed by Flash Animation and Flash Actionscript. So if you’re a beginner in Flash, learn the basics here.

Photoshop Beginners Guide

photoshop beginners guide
This is a blog dedicated to everything about Photoshop. From it’s basics to advanced phase. It has tutorials, tips, tricks, and everything you need or might need to know.

HTML Best Practices for beginners

Design and Code Your First Website in Easy to Understand Steps
Has tutorials and articles that showcases the basics of HTML and CSS especially its best practices for beginners. Web developing has never been easier!

This guest article was written by Elmor G. Go, who is in constant pursuit of the unknown and unparalleled. He likes to learn new and exciting things from marketing to graphic designing. A jack of all trades trying to get the best slice out of the cake called life. As a member of DigitalRoom’s creative team, he is involved in designing free print templates.