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Landing Page Elements that Can Drive Real Conversions

Monday, 29 October, 2012

Product pages where your targeted visitors land is without a shred of doubt is the most important section of your website as it drives the sales and keeps your business going. This is the page where the visitors decide whether they are going to buy the product or just walks out. Since they are going to pay for the product or service, a slight mistake can kill the conversion. Now, do not curse your luck if you find that the visitors are not converting. There are things that you might have overlooked and eventually disappointment creeps in. But this should not have been the case. So, here we are going to include some tips that can help you see dramatic improvements in the sales front:

Do Not Play with Pricing:

Pricing is the single most decisive factor that can make or break the fate of your eCommerce store. If your pricing page fails to show a clear difference among Basic, Pro and Premium plans, yours is a lost cause. Does your Pro plan look and feel just like the Basic plan? If yes, it will find it hard to cut ice with the targeted traffic.

You need to create a pricing table that clearly demonstrates all the features of different plans. The rule of thumb should be – focus on the benefits of each plan and highlight the major differences as it will make it easier for targeted people to make an informed decision.

Gain on the Confidence:

Though we are all habituated with different forms of online transitions, we hesitate a lot while making a purchase online. So, to make the process simple and appear trustworthy, you should put all your efforts to win the trust of the visitors. There are different ways you can win the trusts of the visitors; for say, you can use an SSL certificate to secure all the transactions or else you should use icons on some trusted websites just to impinge trust into the minds of the visitors that their bank account details are not in the wrong hands. Your refund policy should be featured upfront as this can lead to an increase in the conversation rate.


People love to get feedbacks from real people and which is why it has become some sort of norm to make it possible for buyers to post a review on the products. Be honest and do not tamper with the review just to fudge a bad one look good because people are smart enough to track that and you will find yourself in a tight corner. There are some independent review applications available which are famed for providing impartial and honest reviews. Give them a try if you really wish to see some difference.

Make it Interactive:

People are impatience these days and they may not find it that much more interesting to read the boring content that you have slapped into the page. Nope, rather try a different route this time around. You can feature main benefits of your products through an interactive demo, video or whatever you feel good.

Close-up Images:

The biggest drawback of online marketing is that you cannot have the 360 views of the product that you wish to purchase. This is the reason why people review products online buy them at a nearby store. But you can use this drawback to your advantage by adding a high resolution image and giving almost 360 views of the products.

Give Them Choice:

Would you like to wear the same color shirt all the time? I believe this is not the case. The same goes true with online shopping. They do not like to see the same products over and over again. Therefore, it is your responsibility to showcase products in different colors and sizes so that visitors can make a choice. Show them all the varieties of the product available and I believe improvement is bound to happen.

Clear Next Step:

Do not cram up the page with an excessive number of call to action because this will not do any good to the website. However, there are certain things that you cannot do without for say – pricing, custom support, reviews, talk to a representative live, photos of the products, more information etc. So, it is quite evident that if you fail to manage these things cohesively while designing the interface, a total mess up is what you are most likely to experience at the end.


If your landing page does not have a soft selling opportunity, you are just missing on conversions. Rather than asking people to purchase your products, you can always give them an option to explore more about your products by offering them a free trial or free one-month subscription. Now everybody loves freebies and therefore, this trick is gonna work.
Try these tips and I believe you will dramatic improvements in the sales front.

This guest post was written by Michael Evans, who is a writer and social media analyst. He is a contributing author to Site2you and he can be contacted at Google+.

Few important web hosting tips for your website

Thursday, 25 October, 2012

If you are new to running a web site and you want to learn effective web hosting strategies then you are in the right place. Similar to any file, a web page is also a file which requires a computer to store it but you cannot use your personal computer, as web page is intended to be get accessed by the general public, due to which it requires much higher specifications and must be connected to the internet through a powerful link. The powerful computer used for saving is known as a web server and this method of making websites and web pages to different users around the world is known as ‘web hosting’, and good web hosting is essential for any website. Due to these reasons website owners opt for agencies that have experts in web hosting and digital marketing solutions.

Website hosting is the foundation of any website development, your brand and for your business success, because even a server being down for a couple of hours can severely hurt and ruin your reputation which has taken many years to develop. So, it essential to opt for a good web hosting account, here are some important tips to help find the best web hosting account:

Know about free domains:

Getting a free domain includes a few points which you should know before agreeing to a free domain:

  • The hosting company should not retain the ownership, if they do they are going to stuck with that company forever and need to pay a large amount
  • The renewal of service is also free, some company charge high price for renewal.

Opt for different providers for your domain and hosting:

Don’t register your domain at the same company, because if something goes wrong with hosting you can break off the relationship; because your domain name is your online identity, the most valuable and irreplaceable asset of your website.

Understand the disk space terms:

Ask your provider, if the website becomes popular overnight and you have a huge amount of visitors, if they going to charge more for the huge data transfer or not.


Check out the market to find out more about them, take feedback from existing customers and look on the web for different companies and customer feedback.

Purchase by using commission rebates or coupons:

You can save a good amount by using commission rebates or coupons for buying web hosting services. It may be possible that some hosts that don’t give out coupons, check out what they provide you; another way to save money


Don’t rely on the host for backup files as hosts need to perform regular backups; it’s really difficult for them to do off-site backups.

Avoid long term contracts:

Unless the hosting company have good customer service don’t go for long term contracts.

This guest post was written by Michelle, a tech writer from UK who is into Finance. Catch her @financeport. Payday loans are instant loans which are helpful when you run short of funds.

Showcase of colorful high resolution background images

Saturday, 6 October, 2012

Here is a collection of more than 20 stunningly beautiful high resolution background images, created by some of the most creative and talented designers around the globe. Most of these wallpapers are very high quality vector based images which are best suited for creating designs for print media such as brochure printing, postcard printing,car magnet printing etc…

All of these beautiful images are linked to its original source. The images are bookmarked with the original URL, each of these image has its own copyright terms of usage. If you’d like to use one of these images, please contact the copyright owner for the right permission.

free texture / Eddi van W

backgrounds for a web... on the behance network

digital revolutions

Composition #72 / Patrick Gunderson

droplet wallpaper by katosuhigh quality free desktop wallpaper

mac / ahaslam

abstract background

magic waves on the behance network

ieee ians 2012 on the behance network

infinite knots on the behance network

ola-opa waves patterns on the behance network

old hazard stripes

scratched texture

brown retro

red grunge background

everyday on the wave on the behance network

infinite knots on the behance network

grunge construction

rusted metal

everyday on the wave on the behance network

Collection of beautiful google plus profile cover images

Friday, 5 October, 2012

Just like facebook, google plus also introduced profile cover image feature recently. Google Plus users got a new and innovative way to personalize their G+ profile page with a huge cover image of their liking. In addition to the usual google + profile display picture we can also use this cover image to display additional graphic content to spice-up the public profile page. Talented folks use this space to display their creativity part by brilliantly combining the timeline and profile pictures.

New profile cover picture can be added to both personal profiles as well as business pages. Companies these days use profile cover pictures as a brand building strategy. Those companies which offer services such as brochure printing online, brand building, social media marketing etc. give high priority to personalized custom cover image design services as well.

Here I am presenting you all with a collection of beautiful and creative google plus profile cover images. All of these images are linked to its original source. The images are bookmarked with the original URL, each of these image has its own copyright terms of usage. If you’d like to use one of these images, please contact the copyright owner for the right permission.

beautiful neytiri in_avatar cover image

hot babe on fire hd google plus cover image

beautiful stream nature -

bayonetta -

golden flame -

aurora vista colors -

japan digital rain fall google plus cover -

colorful sky manhattan beach google plus cover -

tree and the sunset google plus cover -

april showers google plus cover -

colorful feathers google plus cover -

besides beach google plus cover -

pacman google plus covers google plus cover photo -

padre bay lake powell utah google plus cover -

beautiful violin google plus cover -

green lanscape google plus cover -

will you be my nothing google plus cover -

kitten in jeans google plus cover -

marble strips google plus cover -

i still believe in love google plus cover -

ironman movie cover google plus covers -

brain: use it google plus cover -

Collection of beautiful and creative brochure designs

Thursday, 4 October, 2012
beautiful and creative brochure design samples

A brochure or pamphlet is a type of advertising piece mainly used to introduce a company or organization, and to inform about its products and or services to a target audience. Brochures are usually distributed by mail, handed personally or placed in brochure racks. Brochures are very widely used by marketing folks in every company to reach out to their existing and potential customers.

Today there are so many nice quality online brochure printing services, through which anyone can easily print their brochures simply by uploading the proposed design. Here we have gathered more than 30 beautiful and inspiring brochure designs for your inspiration. All of these images are linked to its original source. The images are bookmarked with the original URL, each of these image has its own copyright terms of usage. If you’d like to use one of these images, please contact the copyright owner for the right permission.

brochure by ~glu2 on deviantart

aheloy palace brochure by ~505438 on deviantart

target profit brochure by ~wow-dg on deviantart

corporate brochure on the behance network

wellington house brochure on the behance network

healthronics brochure on the behance network

springer construction inc. on the behance network

rubí residencias on the behance network

brochure for events by ~deviantonis on deviantart

croplife brochure by ~jpz001 on deviantart

hyundai vip brochure ... on the behance network

uni:verse 2011 on the behance network

foodland spring recipe book 2012 on the behance network

circlepharma - brochure on the behance network

apogeo /ci/ on the behance network

herman miller arras on the behance network

come and study on the behance network

mashareq brochure on the behance network

ibe software on the behance network

china film festival 2012 on the behance network

spielplan oper graz - corporate publishing on the behance network

rebrand - brochure on the behance network

wildlife victoria on the behance network

food packaging on the behance network

btl - design 1 on the behance network

conservatoire de lausanne on the behance network

cc brugge - seizoen %2711-%2712 on the behance network

san martino company profile on the behance network

brand refresh for arrows group on the behance network

mca - a5 brochure design on the behance network

sailthru on the behance network

the museum of chinese in america on the behance network

foliomania // the design portfolio brochure on the behance network

mai p&m global conference 2011 on the behance network