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Collection of stunningly beautiful flyers or pamphlets

Thursday, 26 April, 2012

A flyer or pamphlet is a popular form of print advertisement tool widely used by companies to promote their product or service. Flyers are still the favorite choice of marketers mainly because of its cost effectiveness. Flyers are normally handed over directly to the people on busy streets or during special gatherings to targeted groups. This process is known as flyering.

With the popularity of desktop publishing systems, flyers become more popular among the masses. Nowadays anyone with very little computer knowledge can easily design a flyer and get it printed using any of those online cheap flyer printing services by simply uploading the design to the system.

Here is a collection of more than 20 beautiful and decent-looking flyer designs. All of these images are linked to its original source. The images are bookmarked with the original URL, each of these image has its own copyright terms of usage. If you’d like to use one of these images, please contact the copyright owner for the right permission.

7 “insignificant” things not to forget when launching your website

Tuesday, 24 April, 2012

The number of websites is in an increasing trend and the future seems to bring us more and more online presences. Nobody predicted this fabulous growing, but nowadays any agency or company with “real” activity must be present in online environment else it’s quite probable to lose some important clients and the brand surely is suffering from this ignorance. Launching a website isn’t a simple task, much more, when it’s about a big client, the responsibility is huge and every mistake is a real disaster.

In order to prevent any kind of unexpected problem, here are presented seven items that must be taken into account when launching a website. Undoubtedly, there are tons of other aspects but usually, these are wrongly considered not very important and are ignored. If you consider that the list is incomplete, please let me know, hence the readers will benefit from more cool advices. Don’t be selfish and use the comment form to inform us and our readers.

1. Make some buzz before launching it

Many people consider that promoting a website is something to do after it is online but is wrong. If someone cares about his website, then is mandatory to create some buzz around. Depending on the profile of it, there are many strategies; some of the most common are publishing guest posts and informing people about the website, using social media, announcing great promotions or discounts and so on. The human beings are by their nature very curious and isn’t very difficult to instigate their appetite. Anyway, the conclusion is simple: no matter which strategy you adopt, to make people visit the website is highly recommended to inform them; much more, make them curious, surely this is the winning onset.

2. Never neglect social media

At the first point is mentioned the necessity of making some buzz around the website to launch but a normal question is how to realize it? A very good method, probably the most used but also the most efficient is social media. As an example, there is no better way to stimulate Internet users to visit a new e-commerce website than informing on the Facebook page about the great discount and the amazing products offered. Social media must be used also after the website is online, sooner or later, people interested in online environment will understand that it is an amazing tool in the hands of a smart advertiser.

3. 404 page may attract people!

There are signs that reveal if a website is just a common entity or something respectable and impressing. A neglected aspect, but a clear sign to show the level of the website is the existence of a 404 page. No matter if is about a broken link or an unexpected error of the server, a well-designed 404 page will make people give a second chance, else it’s quite likely they will leave. It must be considered as a page of the website and not something rarely used, therefore, easier to neglect.

4. Testing is mandatory!

No matter if you hired a super team to elaborate your website or an unknown freelancer, testing is mandatory, everyone is human, and human beings have the imperfection written into their DNA. The Internet is full of solution that offer feedback or testing solutions hence is better to test it before the official launching. It’s true that is wrong and unfair to base an opinion on the first impression, but in online environment there is no second chance!
Even if it looks a boring task, think that an error in beta version is nothing too disastrous while considering the case when it’s already launched, the owner invests some money in making promo for it and unexpectedly, the navigation menu isn’t fully working. People that will visit the website will be unsatisfied and will run away and all the investments were in vain.

5. SEO works as a catalyst for your success

Every website created is successful as long as there are people visiting it, there is no amazing website with zero visitors. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it refers to the modalities of making a website to stay in front of the first page for various words used by people to search for. The idea is simple, if someone put in the text box of the search engine used, the expression “web design Romania” and your website is the first then it’s impossible not to have barely some clients. Another constant mistake of the specialists is that they consider that only after the website is launched, the SEO measures must be applied. Wrongly, there is SEO on-page that should be considered in the pre-launching of a website.

6. Pay attention to the mobile version

It’s a matter of months until the number of smartphones will overcome the number of Earth habitants and it is a good reason to treat this subject very carefully. There are many solutions, none of them perfect but anyway, is mandatory to keep the mobile version as a priority even from the first steps in creating a website.

7. Domain name is as important as the website is

The specialists say that readers easier memorize the end and the beginning of the posts so I let at the end a very important fact: the domain name.
It is very important due to two factors: people associate the domain name with the name of the website and a good sounding name is vital in keeping it in the minds of people. Also, in SEO, the domain name plays an important role and it’s much better to benefit from it than ignoring.

It will be great to know if this post was useful for someone and the supreme reward for the author is to see it spread via social media to be enjoyed by many people needing these advices.

Showcase of 20+ elegant business cards in black and white

Tuesday, 24 April, 2012

I love designs in black & white theme, whether it is a website design, or a business card design. Black and white design looks more professional and visually appealing than a multicolored design. Designers can produce elegant, unique and beautiful designs by using these two subtle shades brilliantly. It’s really a big challenge for designers to create stunning designs using only black and white.

When it comes to business cards, most people prefer a black & white minimalistic design. When it is printed, a black & white design will give clear and crisp impact to typography, which is very important in business cards.

Here is a collection of more than 20 beautiful and well-designed business cards in black and white. All of these images are linked to its original source. The images are bookmarked with the original URL, each of these image has its own copyright terms of usage. If you’d like to use one of these images, please contact the copyright owner for the right permission.

Showcase of beautiful postcard designs

Saturday, 21 April, 2012
showcase of postcard designs

Historically and even today, postcard is still a vital vehicle for product promotion and brand building. Conventional marketing strategies using postcards, flyers, brochures, business cards etc plays a very vital role in brand building and product / service promotion. Postcards are very widely used by marketing folks in every company to reach out to their existing and potential customers. A very well designed and beautifully printed postcard is very important for the success of every marketing campaign. A good postcard should make the customers excited at first sight, at the same time it should be very cost effective to the company.

Today there are so many quality online cheap postcard printing services, through which anyone can easily print their postcards simply by uploading the proposed design. Here we have gathered more than 20 beautiful and inspiring postcard designs for your inspiration. All of these images are linked to its original source. The images are bookmarked with the original URL, each of these image has its own copyright terms of usage. If you’d like to use one of these images, please contact the copyright owner for the right permission.

The Font Phenomena – A Closer Look at Typography

Friday, 13 April, 2012
The Font Phenomena - A Closer Look at Typography

Letters, words, logos, and texts. Typography has crept into our lives whether we like it or not.

But what exactly is typography?

Typography is considered an art form which uses typefaces, point size, leading, line spacing, kerning and tracking. It’s everywhere from books to billboards and everything in between. In a society where language is a cultural identity, texts are extremely important. I don’t see why I would have to explain, but you might not have noticed. Our world is run by typos.

In creating texts, such as those seen in regular books or those employed in business and product logo, all require fonts. Fonts not only refer to the style but also to the size and the spacing in between the letters.

Fonts have gone a long way from its early printing days to the many quirky fonts we see today. Although changes have taken place, fonts generally still carry the same philosophy and that is efficiency.
Books are conveniently printed with serif fonts for easier reading. Serif fonts usually display a cleaner, crisper look, it is also not very distracting to the eye making it more efficient compared to those of stylized fonts.

Many companies rely on their marketing and branding strategists to rake in profits, and a big part in branding is the Logo design of a company. As consumers, we don’t normally think about it, we merely think of a brand logo as just a logo, but a lot of thought actually goes into designing one. Think of it as a perpetual representation of your brand, it needs to be scrutinized and probably rehashed at some point, if necessary.

Successful brands like The Coca Cola Company, more than the alliteration, have successfully created a logo that is etched in the minds of many, before they were successful though, they had to create an image that would be engraved in the consciousness of everyone during that time. And that kind of situation makes typography an interesting study – for a little while, at least.

Let us take the case of Coca-Cola, imbibed with the spirit and youthfulness of America during that time, it must have been a challenge to conceptualize a logo that would change very little over the years. It had to appeal a little bit to the younger generation, that’s why I think that the designers incorporated the swirly font onto the design aesthetics of the logo. The spacing and size matter as well, too far apart and the word mark would not seem balanced, too close together and you lose the seriousness to the brand. When letters in a word are closer to each other, they risk now being read as well. Therefore, the brain will have to make more effort to process the information at hand, this would’ve been okay, except your competition has a logo that it better read.

Websites are also dominated by texts, with a larger canvas to play with, fonts can be any type in this kind of setting. Of course, you would have to have a concrete design idea to play around with the fonts and the styles, but the more detail you put in, the more accessible your identity is. We can take the Facebook logo as an example of this. Throughout the years, we have seen how Facebook leveraged on exclusivity and, at the same time, the social experience of putting your relationship status on your page. The facebook logo has so simply put it in a very apt way. Fun and Cool.

This article was made possible with the help of Peter de Jesus. Peter is a marketing consultant for You The Designer. The Leading source of design news, tips, tutorials and inspirational graphic designs. Check out You The Designer on Google+