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7 Out of 10 Mobile Apps Fail Due to Lack of Strategy

By: Deepu Balan on 12/10/16 1:43 AM Comments Off on 7 Out of 10 Mobile Apps Fail Due to Lack of Strategy
For business owners out there looking to cash in on the money-making machine that’s known as mobile applications, be aware that the majority of apps are getting downloaded fewer than 500 times a day, and only the top 5% of all apps in Google Play and Apple’s App Store are generating more than $1250/day in revenue. These numbers are nothing new, stemming from a Gartner report published in 2014. However, instead of just predicting most apps will fail, I propose one of the key reasons for so many apps not managing to become successful. When we talk about mobile applications, […] Continue Reading...

5 Basic Adobe Photoshop Tips for Beginners

By: Deepu Balan on 12/20/13 11:57 PM No Comments »
basic beginner level tips to adobe photoshop Adobe Photoshop is a unique software tool that can do wonders to photographs. This is not all; you can actually carve out an excellent career option by if you have been able to master adobe Photoshop properly. Read the following post to know more about Adobe Photoshop Tips. Web designing has several variants. There are multiple approaches to use the web designing tools and they can actually work wonders for millions of users. Photoshop is one such tool in the domain of web designing that can actually help in designing website and carrying out other works. And if you are […] Continue Reading...

7 “insignificant” things not to forget when launching your website

By: danielp on 04/24/12 10:44 PM 2 Comments »
The number of websites is in an increasing trend and the future seems to bring us more and more online presences. Nobody predicted this fabulous growing, but nowadays any agency or company with “real” activity must be present in online environment else it’s quite probable to lose some important clients and the brand surely is suffering from this ignorance. Launching a website isn’t a simple task, much more, when it’s about a big client, the responsibility is huge and every mistake is a real disaster. Continue Reading...