Collection newly released stunning free fonts for download

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Visuals appeal but, fonts help you understand best! Without proper typography and fonts, your visuals are incomplete. Typography is the art of letters brought together in a visually appealing manner. You would find that there are a variety of ways to write the same letters and each way is beautiful. Here is a collection more than 20 fresh newly released free fonts. Choose from a variety of fonts and typos that suit your purpose the best. Create a visually and graphically appealing website or application now! Continue Reading...

The Font Phenomena – A Closer Look at Typography

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The Font Phenomena - A Closer Look at Typography Letters, words, logos, and texts. Typography has crept into our lives whether we like it or not. But what exactly is typography? Typography is considered an art form which uses typefaces, point size, leading, line spacing, kerning and tracking. It’s everywhere from books to billboards and everything in between. In a society where language is a cultural identity, texts are extremely important. I don’t see why I would have to explain, but you might not have noticed. Our world is run by typos. In creating texts, such as those seen in regular books or those employed in business and product […] Continue Reading...