Top 8 Must-have Technologies in Mobile App Development

Top 8 Must-have Technologies in Mobile App Development

Over the last decade, the use of mobile app development has increased significantly. With this ever-growing demand for both smartphones and mobile apps, more and more companies are interested in taking their business online and especially having a mobile app to serve their customers through a mobile application. Right from booking movie tickets to airplane tickets, there is a mobile app for everything.

Now this insanely growing demand for more functional mobile applications has led to a significantly widespread interest in the mobile application development services across the globe. Today, in this post, we will see the top 8 latest technologies that have made it to the 2018 year.

Here’s what you need to know

Cloud technology

Of course, that is no hidden agenda behind the cloud technology. Everybody is familiar here with the super advantages of cloud technology and how it can change our daily life. Today is cloud technology not only insanely fast, simple to deploy, and cost affordable but also provides a fantastic working argument for both startups and large-scale enterprises.

Onedrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive are some of the exceptional cloud technologies that have been making customers life super easy and in a coming couple of years we can expect new dynamic applications that directly can be run on the cloud and occupy minimum space in the smartphone storage.

Enterprise mobile applications

It’s obvious that more and more mobile application developers are stepping towards building efficient and result-driven enterprise mobile applications. And the reason behind that is the application keeps giant teams connected always and also allow them to track essential metrics and KPIs which are now needed by almost every business. More than 40% of the enterprise application developers earn $10000 per month when compared to the 20% of developers who build customer-centric applications. In addition to that, enterprise applications are expected to be the next big thing in the IT industry since there would be more B2B interaction, an excellent chance will be offered to the application developers.

IoT will open new doors

Internet of Things is already making sensations not only in the IT industry but also automobile, real estate, Healthcare, and various other sectors. Currently, the IoT industry is almost $20 trillion so we can expect that in the next 5 years more than 5 million people will be using IoT based Technologies in their daily life.

Currently, IoT is mainly used in modern wearable technologies, smart thermostats, etc. but in the next couple of years we can expect this technology to be rapidly adopted by every industry and sector.

Location-based Wi-Fi services will become more common

Whatever the slightest differences between the online and offline advertising before, now these limitations have been blurred by the mobile location services and Beacon technology. And this case is true, especially in the retail industry. The Apple company had already integrated this new technology within iBeacon and soon Android followed its footsteps.

Very soon in the future, Wi-Fi will be utilized by people across the globe for more than just browsing the internet since more and more public hotspotß can be expected to turn on as location access point and for these reasons, app developers have to take leverage of such incredible location based wi-fi services.

M-commerce will be the next excellent opportunity

Already the E-commerce market is full of companies like Amazon and eBay and we can expect nothing less from M-commerce as in the coming years M-commerce applications will be the center of the attraction. With mobile phones that are featuring latest technologies such as fingerprint recognition, utilizing the smartphones to complete financial transactions are greatly accepted by the customers. In regards to this, the application developers will also have chances to develop M-commerce applications that can offer extra functionalities to the customers.

In-app advertising will grow

With the significant number of smartphone users across the globe utilizing their smartphones to perform every single task, there will be a study group in app advertising and purchasing. According to the source, the in app-purchasing from smartphones is approximately $9 million in the year 2017.

APIs will take charge

As we are moving toward the future mobile application development will increase the necessity of utilizing smartphones across devices and the glow, an API-first method make sure that both the agility and the flexibility with which the application runs errorless.

App security becomes a necessity

With significant improvements that are taking place in the technological world, the application security along with the smartphone security will be one of the important concerns. Already there is a numerous number of applications that have been tracked in both App Store and Play Store, the need for app security is greatly increasing.

Thus, Google and Apple are collectively increasing the state and making sure that the app stays safe and app developers also have to understand the importance of focusing more on cyber security and implement next-gen security features within the mobile applications.

This guest article was written by Mohd Sohel Ather a software engineer and now he is working with VironIT As one of the global leading web and mobile app development company, VironIT, is known and preferred IT solutions partner for clients across the globe. And believe in deploying the latest tools and technologies to deliver an efficient and client-centric app development solution within the stipulated time frame and budget.

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