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High quality HTML CSS website templates for free download

Tuesday, 20 August, 2013

Designing and developing a professional looking website is not a big deal anymore. Lot of free online website builders are available to make the task easier. With the help of these free online tools you could easily create your own website in a matter of some minutes. But there are very limited customization options available for you in it. Moreover there will not be any exclusivity to the design and layout. There can be number of other sites which are also running on that particular template or theme. So these free website builders are not suitable for professional websites which has its own branding standards.

So, here comes the need for exclusive professional website templates. There are so many HTML – CSS websites templates available free downloading, but finding the right quality designs is always a challenging task. These free templates can only be taken as a starting point for further designing and customization. There is no point if you are using the free HTML template as it is for your web design project. As in the case of free website builders, here also there can be some other websites which are using the same free template as it is without any customization. So to make the design process quicker on a time sensitive serious design project, these templates can be taken as a sensible starting point.

Anybody with very basic HTML / CSS knowledge and elementary color sense can easily create a professional and unique design out of an HTML template. Apart from these, free templates are really helpful for webdesign students or newbs who are planning to kick-start their career as a web designer. They can use these professionally designed and well-coded templates as learning objects or examples during their studies. They could learn good coding standards and best practices from these templates, which are coded by real professionals.

Here we have handpicked more than 15 highly professional HTML CSS website design templates for you to use in your next project. All these templates are linked to its original source. Each of these free templates has its own copyright terms of usage. If you’d like to use one of these templates, please contact the copyright owner for the right permission.

Free HTML5 Website Template for Industrial Business

A cool new Free HTML5 Website html psd template for Industrial Business. It is designed as clean and simple table less design.

Preview Download

HTML – PSD website template – Businessus

This is a stylish design which is ideal for a business website. This layout can be modified to work with any types of websites, such as a blog or portfolio. And you don’t need to worry about fonts!

Preview Download

Free html template – Obscura

Obscura is a completely free responsive html css template which is most suited for photoblogs or galleries.

Preview Download

Legend – Free Responsive single Page Template

Legend is a free multi-purpose responsive single page template built on Twitter Bootstrap. You may use this html css template as a landing page, online portfolio for creative folks or even as a business theme.

Preview Download

Free Responsive HTML Template – Simplex

Simplex is a really beautiful and simple responsive html template. It’s a completely free responsive web design template.

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Free Responsive Site Template – Proximet

Proximet is 960 grid system based elegantly designed html template which is compatible with all Major Browsers, Smartphones and Tablet’s. It elegantly scales down to downsized browser windows, tablets, mobile phones etc…

Preview Download

Nova HTML template

Nova is a pack of free 5 pages HTML5 templates by which you can use to create Service or Corporate websites.

Preview Download

Codester: Free Responsive Bootstrap Template

Codester, a responsive free template based on bootstrap. Bootstrap is a responsive grid framework or a toolkit to fasten the front-end prototyping and helps in building production ready web applications in quick time. It really help out the web designer to prototype his responsive web project.

Preview Download

Clean and Minimal HTML Website Template

Simply Minimal is a clean and minimal HTML website template, which works perfect on all browser versions. The template is completely free.

Preview Download

Clean template for free download

A clean and fast loading html template for free.

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Aiwaz – Premium HTML template

Aiwaz is a Free Premium HTML Template for Business, Portfolio, Corporate. Custom Pages, Great Slider, Working Contact Page, Twitter integrated and many more…

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Webwire HTML / PSD Template

WebWire – A Completely Free Modern Minimalistic HTML CSS webdesign template

Preview Download

Old Notebook – Free HTML Template

Old Notebook is a professional high quality free HTML template. It is completely free for both personal and commercial uses.

Preview Download

StudioNine – A Free HTML Template

StudioNine is a nicely designed free html template pack consisting 5 pages. The layout is clean and minimal which is on a blue and dark grey theme.

Preview Download

NINA – free minimalistic HTML template


Clean and elegant free layout which focuses on minimalism. Yes that’s right, this template is absolutely for free for any personal or commercial project.

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Collection of really useful responsive web design tools

Saturday, 3 August, 2013

The creation of a responsive website needs a perfect arrangement of elements without compromising with the design, and it is a tough job. There have emerged a number of devices that are able to get access to internet, thus, a website should be such that it can be viewed easily on every device. This increase in the number of devices has raised the need of tools for creating a website highly responsive on any device that it is viewed on. However, there are several tools available that provide an easy approach to this task, out of which a few useful tools that have gained hype among developers.

Here is a collection of around 12 responsive webdesign tools that can help you in your next web design project. All these tools which are listed here are linked to their official website.


Twitter designers have built Bootstrap for providing a painless and easy prototyping service. This tool imparts a great look and behavior for websites in desktop browsers as well as Smartphone and tablet browsers. It has a 12-column responsive grid combined with dozen components, plugins, options for form control and typography along with a web-based customizer.

Adobe edge Reflow

This is a new tool released from Adobe, this new tool is expected to become a favorite tool for web designers for creating responsive designs. This tool focuses on the handling of responsive layouts rather than the editing of graphics that photoshop focuses on. Grid systems, generation of advanced CSS layouts and media query handling are some of the tasks for which this system is used.

Retina Images

This tool serves the website viewer with images based on the device on which the site is being viewed. This easy-to-setup system helps view high-resolution images on retina displays that have attributes of height and width associated with them.


Responsinator is a testing tool that helps website designers preview the responsive site that they created on some popular devices. This tool helps you to preview the response of their web page like how it loads in both landscape and portrait modes on various mobile devices.


This is a PHP script that is used in a responsive website to help detect the device of the viewer from pre-defined categories. It provides the website a device-specific design and is a perfect solution for hybrid responsive websites.


The foundation tool is another front-end tool that acts as an open source framework. This tool also uses a 12-column grid that is flexible and scalable and works on almost all types of devices. It provides a high-level customization and creativity with various plugins and elements supporting offsets, nesting, device presentation and source-ordering.

Adaptive Images

Adaptive images are used for automatic adjustment of HTML images according to the screen size of the visitor of the website. Without the need of any markup changes, default customization values can also be customized simply by following three steps. The process to rescale an image is done by reading the size of a viewer’s screen and using libraries that are easily available through Apache and other hosts supporting PHP.


Built with a 16-column grid, this exceptionally adaptable and flexible tool allows quick experiments with wireframes of the responsive websites. This tool offers some standard options and UI elements to help you focus on the content of your website. This tool helps you present your content in an elegant and structured content. These wireframes are fully functional and can also be used to show the responsive layout of the website to the clients.


Gridset is an easy to use tool that helps in the design of responsive and customized grid layouts. This tool can be used to create any grid layout ranging from simplest ones to the complex ones, without the hassle of calculations and measurements. In addition, these grids can be saved for future use and can also be shared with other colleagues that adds an exception to the prototyping and wireframing tools available.


This tool is a jQuery plugin that helps in making the font size compatible with the responsive layout by automatically resizing the font size according to the parent element’s width. It helps for an optimal display of text on different devices by making headlines more responsive. This simple plugin lets you add more creativity to your responsive website design.

RWD Calculator

RWD (Responsive Web Design) calculator is an easy-to-use tool that can be used with a photoshop document to help you with the responsive design by converting pixels into percentages. This makes the calculation of PSD’s size easier while viewing it on a responsive website, preventing a designer from various hassles in the beginning stages of development of a responsive web design. Even in its beta version, this tool is a free to use tool to explore the details of the pixel design of a photoshop document.

Simple Grid

This tool proves to be an efficient tool while exploring the list of tools available for designing a responsive website. Due to an ease of usability and access to full control, thousands of developers working on responsive websites prefer this tool. With this tool, a designer is able to simplify the tasks of designing a responsive website without the hassle of complicated coding. It simplifies the view of every element on a web page by fitting it exactly on a single page in the browser, without the hassle of any horizontal bar to scroll and view the complete image or any other element.

With a variety of tools available for RWD, choice of the best is a vital task. You can test the above mentioned tools and benefit from them while designing a responsive website hassle-free.