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Collection newly released stunning free fonts for download

Saturday, 27 April, 2013

Visuals appeal but, fonts help you understand best! Without proper typography and fonts, your visuals are incomplete. You may have the best colors and best logos with icons to attract the people to your website. But, your information load is not in the legible form as you did not use the right and attractive typography or fonts. This can be a major blunder!

When you have a tattoo done, the fonts are different. These fonts should be essentially attractive as well as legible. If you have fonts that just look attractive, it would soon start to bore you. An icon without a proper typography, a t-shirt print with just the right visual and wrong typography can all be blunders of design.

This is the very reason designers strive hard to catch hold of the right fonts and typography. You would find that your web design is getting updated regularly with a brilliant combination of fonts and typography so that your work appeals and attracts well. You would constantly witness the new release of a font or typography or art of writing that would give you the liberty to design your website well.

It is the art of letters brought together in a visually appealing manner. You would find that there are a variety of ways to write the same letters and each way is beautiful. Here is a collection more than 20 fresh newly released free fonts for you as freebies. Choose from a variety of fonts and typos that suit your purpose the best. Create a visually and graphically appealing website or application now!

Fruit Sale – Free Type Face

Fruit Sale FREE Type Face on Behance

Avera – Font Family

Avera - Font Family on Behance

Bamq Typeface

Bamq Typeface - Free download on Behance

STELA UT (Free Weight)


Distractor Free Font

Distractor free typeface on Behance



Hiruko Pro (Free)

Hiruko Pro FREE on Behance

Vim Sm – Free Typeface

Vim SM Free Typeface on Behance

Aleo – Free Font Family

ALEO  Free Font Family on Behance

Sequi – FREE Typeface

Sequi - FREE Typeface on Behance

Monster Happy font

Monsters & Monster Happy FREE on Behance

Laika free font

Laika FREE on Behance

Guakala font

Guakala free font

Witching Hour Free Font

Witching Hour Font

Henriette Free Font

Henriette font face

Hemigraphy Free Font


Seagle Free Font

seagle free font

Graycat Free Font


Stripe 3D Font

stripe 3D font


lighthouse free font

This guest post is written by Debarshi. He is an avid reader of DesignModo – very popular web design blogs which publish web design tutórials and freebies occasionally.

A Marriage between Social Media and SEO – An Important Partnership for a Brand

Wednesday, 24 April, 2013

Traditional online marketing has evolved even further today, with brands looking for new ways to navigate the internet and succeed. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Social Media both have become vital ingredients for a brand’s online success, and if used correctly together can be an important partnership.

At the root of branding is having a solid, marketable product, one that is easily recommendable from one person to another. SEO and Social Media can achieve this goal. Using SEO, a brand can increase its online presence, but linking in with social media can also increase a brand’s reputation

The importance of SEO in branding

search engine optimizationAccording to Wikipedia,SEO is “the process of affecting the visibility of a website or web page in search engine’s natural or unpaid search results.”  It is widely known that if your website doesn’t show up on the first or second page of a Google search result you will have very little traffic on your site.  Hence, why SEO has fast become one of the most important aspects of a brand’s online marketing strategy.  Recently, changes to Google’s search algorithm have forced online marketer’s to adopt new strategies with regards to search engine optimisation.  Whereas traditionally SEO relied heavily on linking and keywords, with perhaps less focus on content, this approach is no longer good enough.  The content has to be interesting, relevant, up to date and of a high quality.   For a brand, it is no longer enough to try to keep their high-ranking up artificially through content tricks and random, excessive linking.  Not only because Google itself has become advanced enough to recognize these strategies and penalize those that adopt them, but in equal measure because a brand’s consumers are more discerning. Today’s online marketers have to generate original content to build a brand’s supporters. Most importantly, they have to create a user experience that is going to make potential customers come back to that website or webpage, and want to share that experience with other users (via likes, shares,tweets,links etc).

The significance of Social Media for a brand

A Marriage between Social Media and SEO- An Important Partnership for a BrandEnter Social Media.  Social Media is defined as the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.   Social Media enables users to create and share content.   The prime examples of this being Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, and YouTube.   This user-generated content is the key to social networking.  Social media is an incredibly effective way of establishing a brand.  It doesn’t necessarily cost anything from the outset and has the power to reach thousands and even hundreds of thousands of potential subscribers.  One of the most incredible things that social media can do for a brand is to offer that brand transparency.  Transparency means that consumers want their brands to be real people, not just big logos.  Social media open this dialogue, and allows consumers to communicate directly, whether just to feel like the CEO is a real person, or to make sure accountability.  The other important aspect of social media is that it allows a brand to create a relationship with consumers through more entertaining ways such as creative apps, fun videos, sweepstakes, polls etc.

A marriage made in Google Heaven?

seo and facebook marketingA marriage between SEO and social media can be an important partnership for a brand if done correctly.  The new SEO is much more about the user experience first, then linkable assets (such as articles of interest, videos, free learning tools, polls, and apps), which in turn promote link building between sites and raising the search ranking of a given brand’s website. After that the key is to create user activity via social networking, such as Facebook (shares and likes), Twitter(tweets and retweets).  Not only does this mean more traffic to a brand’s site (building more brand awareness) but equally a more organic growth, coming from the users themselves and not an advertising agency.  This partnership can certainly make a brand appear more trustworthy and the product more likely to succeed.


Getting it right is very important for a brand, but if they can do it the results using a combination of social media and SEO can be phenomenal. Success in online marketing relies firstly upon creating and promoting a strong brand, and then further expanding this online. Most brands today have a social media presence, but it takes skill to use it correctly. In order to do this, online marketers should use this partnership between social media and SEO to create quality content which encourages users to engage with and promote the brand.

This guest article was written by Meera, who works for Printerpix, an online Photo Gift shop based in London. You can check out the reviews of Printerpix here. Meera enjoys writing on business related issues such as branding and logo design. In her spare time, she enjoys craftwork, cooking, reading and networking.

Different responsive frameworks for developing cool webites in a jiffy

Monday, 1 April, 2013

Well, as it seems “Go Responsive” – is the new catchword in the sphere of website designing. As everyone around is embracing this new form of website designing, it is becoming imperative for us to know how to design a responsive website without meddling with its limitless intricacies. And to simplify our tasks, here we are going to share some cool frameworks that will help you design a fully responsive website in a matter of minutes.

However, if you do not know beans about responsive web design (RWD), let me tell you what it is. Responsive web design is a web design approach where the aim is to make a website render precisely on all devices and screen resolutions. An optimal viewing experience is what you can expect with responsive web design technique. There is no need to struggle a lot to make a website compatible with myriads of devices. But the interesting thing about this new web design approach is that it makes a website render differently in different devices and offers an ideal viewing experience without the need for maintaining different set/versions of pages for different devices.

However, these are not going to be the beginners’ stuffs because these responsive frameworks are going to save a lot of your precious time by eliminating the needs to write manually all the basic css codes. So, by embracing any of the following responsive frameworks, you will be able to create mobile specific sites without requiring you to invest much of your productive time.

MUELLER Grid System

MUELLER is a modular grid system for responsive/adaptive and non–responsive layouts, based on Compass. You have full control over column width, gutter width, baseline grid and media–queries.
This is a modular system for both non-responsive and responsive layouts. This is a powerful framework that gives you complete control over different aspects of the design like – baseline grids, gutter widths, column widths, media queries and more.

It has options to extend the grid to different pre-defined layouts and that means if you wish to develop a 1–column layout with 1/3– and 2/3–fractions, it would not take much time. Just need to select some options and there you go. If you wish, you can use templates as opposed to presentational classes in the mark-ups.

Groundwork CSS

GroundworkCSS is an open-source, responsive front-end framework packed with HTML5, CSS
The driving force behind this incredibly powerful responsive framework is that it is built around Sass, which is as we are well aware of a powerful CSS preprocessor. Sass has extended the limit of CSS3 to a great extent by incorporating some amazing features like mixins, nested rules, variables, selector inheritance etc. By harnessing the power of a solid web-framework plugin, Sass has emerged as standard CSS and has become quite popular among web designers.

Fluid grid, nestable and flexible, GroundworkCSS has it all and this is what has helped it offer advanced responsive layout techniques to create powerful websites. With this framework, you can design almost anything. And the best part of GroundworkCSS is that it is open source and that means, you would not have to pay a penny to use it. Designing a responsive layout will be a treat with this framework.


Centurion - A CSS Web Framework
Tired of doing all the CSS stuffs all by yourself? Well in that case, Centurion has the ultimate solution. It is built around CSS3 media queries and SASS and this is what has given it an amazing ability letting you create a responsive layout without requiring you to get involved in the process much.

What is all the more unique about Centurion is that it is self-contained and that means, it has fewer files to mess with. A simple yet highly powerful package that you will always be requiring to create a simple yet sophisticated responsive layout.

To complement the minimalist trend, all the elements have been deliberately scaled down so that you can make the most of the gradients, media queries and other cool features. And the best part of this framework is that it is easy to get the hang on it. The classes and ids are easy and they make sense.

And here goes the icing on the cake. The codes are well optimized and that means, it is not going to slow down your website. This framework also comes loaded with Craydent, Coffeescript, jQuery and more and this is what has made it super powerful.

Foundation 4

Foundation The most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world.
This Grid framework is highly efficient and at the same time extremely flexible. If you ever happen to use a grid based framework before, I can safely say that you are going to like this one. Boasting an impressive 12-column grid, Foundation 4 is the ultimate framework that you might have been looking for long. With it, you will be able to design complicated layout without doing those silly manual coding things.

Prototyping a website is a breeze with the Foundation. Foundation comes loaded with numerous styles that help you go wild with the interface. Like you can add image sliders, modal dialogues, tabs, multiple buttons, and other things. With it, you will be able to build up sites that support all devices or else you can build up sites to support only one particular device. And the best part of this framework is that it has included CSS styles and that means, you can easily turn on and off certain elements depending on the device types and this is going to have a profound impact on the overall user experience.

Cool Kitten

kool kitten - It is a collection of HTML/CSS and JavaScript files to be used for web designers and developers.
This tool is the Holy Grail for those who are trying to develop a responsive parallax scrolling website. It comes loaded with jQuery Easing Plugin, Stellar.js and Normalize.css that make a robust framework to build highly sophisticated websites.

Gumby 2

Gumby 2 is built with the power of Sass
This is another open source responsive framework that lets you go wild with your creative parts, as it manages all the dark and ugly sides of coding. Skip links, built-in responsive images, buttons or whatever, Gumby 2 has got everything. As it equips developers with a set of awesome tools, more and more developers are falling in love with it.

Gumby 2 as the company claims it is ‘insanely simple’ to use and apply. By making some changes in the classes and Sass variables, you will be able to make big changes in the entire design, which is really cool.

This guest article was written by Michael Evans, who is a passionate blogger and he is currently associated with DBP.