15 best cross-platform and cross-device web application development frameworks

15 best cross-platform and cross-device web application development frameworks

The process of web design has been evolving and rapidly changing with new technologies and practices are being introduced each day. The advancements in electronics in India and around the world have resulted in the introduction of various devices and gadgets that could make your life easier. Whether it’s a smart phone, tablet, laptop, music player, eBook reader, gaming devices, television or even a wrist watch, the user interface or GUI is the deciding factor of its success. Almost all these next-gen gadgets has a built-in web browser through which we can browse the internet. The screen size, resolution, operating system etc. of these devices varies based on its primary use, here arise the basic need for a framework system that can help you in making your website cross-device as well as cross-platform compatible.

Previously we only had to care about different browser types and versions, but now there are so many other things to get mad about while designing a website. It’s not an easy task to make your pages cross-browser, cross-device and cross-platform compatible all at once by hand. Fortunately now we have so many advanced web application development frameworks available for free. These frameworks include all necessary elements that do the trick for you.

Here in this post we have collected around 15 high quality mobile web application development frameworks that can make your website render perfectly across all devices and platforms.

Sencha Touch

sencha touch framework
Sencha touch is the most popular industry-leading mobile application framework which helps developers create powerful web application that works on all platforms such as IOS, android, blackberry, windows etc. Using the advanced possibilities of CSS3 & HTML5 it provides the user with an incredible user experience.


corona web app framework
Corona is the best cross-platform mobile application development framework if you are looking to develop games, ebooks or any other business applications. Using corona SDK you can very easily create top class mobile applications in quick time. The corona starter SDK starter kit is completely free to download and use.

App Framework – Intel

intel app framework
App Framework is an Intel sponsored cross-platform mobile application framework, which has all its source hosted at gitHub. Intel App Framework consists of three basic modules they are, App Framework, UI and Plugins. Where App framework is a query selector library,  Ui is a UI-UX library for webkit browsers, Plugins consists of plugins built on top of the App Framework. It has a cross-device compatible clean and responsive HTML5 – CSS3 based user interface methodology.

Dojo Mobile

dojo web app framework
Dojo Mobile is another top quality HTML5 javascript web application framework which provides a modern native application look on webkit browsers. It has good support for platforms such as iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and RIM smartphones and tablets. The new Dojo Touch APIs deliver a common set of touch events and the bases for all gestures such as swipe, scroll, pinch, rotate and tap.


wink mobile framework
Wink is a completely free and lightweight javascript toolkit for developing cool looking mobile web apps. The framework has all the basic functionalities which a mobile developer usually look for. In addition to all these, it has a set of common UI components to make you task easier.


rarewire app framework
RareWire is a new generation mobile application framework which provides unique features such as, Content Management, Live App Updates, Collaboration, PDF Rendering, Push Notifications, Extendable API and much more. RareWire has a very simple and user-friendly online editor to help you in the development process.


phoneGap framework for mobile
PhoneGap is a completely free and open-source mobile web application development framework using which you can easily create world-class web applications for the platforms you care about. It supports all common mobile features such as Accelerometer, Camera, Compass, Geolocation, Media, Storage etc…


moobile app framework
Moobile is a mobile app development framework which is built on Mootools. This is a javascript based framewhich which uses HTML5 & CSS3 to enhance the user experience both on android as well as IOS devices. The framework is completely free to download and use.


fries mobile framework
Using Fries, you could easily create super stunning android like interfaces simply through HTML, CSS and Javascript. There are enough development toolkits for IOS, but this one is exclusively for Android. It is completely free to download and use.


jo web app framework
Jo is another open-source and free web application framework which lets you create simple but elegant native app look like web applications for IOS, Android, webOS, BlackBerry, Chrome OS & anything else using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript goodness.


kendoUI html5 javascript framework
Kendo UI is comprehensive HTML5 – Javascript app framework for modern application development. It has rich jQuery-based widgets, a simple and consistent programming interface, a rock-solid DataSource, validation, internationalization, a MVVM framework, themes, templates and the list goes on. With Kendo UI you can easily create modern looking lightning-fast websites in a jiffy.


marmalade mobile app
Marmalade is an award-winning, cross-platform, cross-device framework enables developers to reach more platforms and more devices with a single code base very quickly and effectively. The Marmalade SDK ensures greatest performance with minimum development effort. Loads of chart-smashing games rely on Marmalade, from casuals such as ‘Cut the Rope’, ‘Plants vs Zombies’ and ‘Draw Something’ to high-performance titles like ‘Call of Duty’, ‘Need for Speed’, ‘Pro Evolution Soccer’ and many, many more.


viziapps framework
ViziApps lets you create cross-platform compatible high quality web applications with very limited programming knowledge. Using ViziApps, You can create, design, test, and demo any number of your own mobile apps.


junior app framework
Junior is a front-end web application framework for building HTML5 mobile apps with a native look and feel. It has basic support for features such as CSS3 Transitions, Swipable carousels, backbone.js, Ratchet CSS UI components and much more…


enyo web app development
Enyo claims to be one of the best light-weight and fast mobile app development framework. It is completely free to download and use Enyo. You can easily create apps for all major platforms such as IOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry etc.

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