WordPress Templates Vs Custom Themes – What To Choose

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Whether you’ve just started using your WordPress website and are searching for the right design or you already have one and simply want to update its looks, finding the right WordPress theme can be a tricky business. Choosing between custom themes and ready-made templates may boil down to a number of available resources, but the cost difference is hardly the only issue. It’s important to look beyond than just the price and focus on all factors that should shape the final decision. It’s more than a simple price issue! Granted, the price is a rather important aspect to most people. […] Continue Reading...

Collection of premium quality free HTML CSS PSD website templates

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There is and has been lot of debates happening as to whether creativity is inborn or learned. I strongly believe that creativity is inborn, which can only be improved with proper practice and training. As far as the skill web design is concerned, it is a combination of both creativity and technical excellence. To be successful as a web designer, you must have perfect blend of creative skills such as rich visualization, exceptional color sense, strong artistic ability, attention to detail, innovative thoughts etc. Along with all these creative abilities he should also have strong technical skills such as HTML […] Continue Reading...