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Why Responsive Design Should Be Your Prime SEO Strategy?

By: Deepu Balan on 07/3/14 3:48 PM No Comments »
With an increasing majority of internet users coming from smartphones and tablets, it has become vital to have a website which can work flawlessly across different platforms and devices. This is where designers swear by the utility of responsive web design. However, online marketers or more specifically SEO guys have their own views about it. Here is what they think. Responsive Web Design exploded onto the scene in early 2012, and since then has become increasingly important in the wake of increasing Smartphone and tablet adoption rate. RWD has established itself as the best way to design a website which […] Continue Reading...

Collection of really useful responsive web design tools

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The creation of a responsive website needs a perfect arrangement of elements without compromising with the design, and it is a tough job. There have emerged a number of devices that are able to get access to internet, thus, a website should be such that it can be viewed easily on every device. This increase in the number of devices has raised the need of tools for creating a website highly responsive on any device that it is viewed on. However, there are several tools available that provide an easy approach to this task, out of which a few useful […] Continue Reading...

Different responsive frameworks for developing cool webites in a jiffy

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Responsive web design is a web design approach where the objective is to make a website renders precisely on all devices and resolutions. An optimal viewing experience is what you can expect with responsive web design technique. There is no need to struggle a lot to make a website compatible with myriads of devices. But the interesting thing about this new web design approach is that it makes a website render differently in different devices and offers an optimal viewing experience without the need for maintaining different set of pages for different devices. And to simplify our tasks, here we are going to share some cool responsive web design frameworks that will help you design a fully responsive website in a matter of minutes. Continue Reading...