How to sell your photos online

By: Deepu Balan on 05/15/13 12:08 AM No Comments »
No matter how talented you are with a camera, selling your photographs is a pretty daunting task. So with that in mind, we’ve put together a basic guide to help you out. Here are a few ideas of where to sell your shots online, plus some tips on ways to get your work get noticed once it’s listed. What shots, where? Do your research. Depending on the kind of photography you prefer to take, there will be sites which are better suited to your style than others. So rather than approach every photo-selling site, take a few minutes to consider […] Continue Reading...

Best Websites for Sourcing Copyright Free Images

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With relatively new platforms such as Tumblr entering the market, blogging is arguably more popular now than it ever has been. One problem faced amongst bloggers of all niches, however, is access to copyright-free images to include in their blog posts. Copyright has long been an issue on the web, and the controversy around images is no exception. When it comes to copyright-free images, however, it may seem as if your options are limited. Thankfully though, this couldn’t be less true, as there’s a vast amount of sites for acquiring and downloading royalty-free images for every kind of niche. Here’s […] Continue Reading...