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Ground rules for implementing slider in mobile applications

By: Deepu Balan on 02/13/15 11:52 PM No Comments »
There is no dearth of mobile applications in the app stores, however, only a few of them are able to create a buzz and others get flopped. Thus, if you are interested in creating a surefire application that goes viral upon its release, you must focus over its superior functions, and intuitive and impressive visual appeal. As far as, the design patterns are concerned, there are several options available in the market. While diving deep into the topic, you will observe that there is an overwhelming list of options for each UI element. Thus, it is advisable to streamline your […] Continue Reading...

New to mobile design? 5 simple tips to get you started

By: Deepu Balan on 12/22/14 5:42 PM No Comments »
With the global revolution that has been created by the inception of mobile devices, a large group of business organizations is switching to mobile-friendly websites. Predictions have already been made about the worldwide mobile data traffic exploding by the year 2018. It will be interesting to see how the ever-growing count of mobile-friendly websites will affect the information and technology sector. If you’re about to design a website/web app for a mobile device then you’ve landed on the right post. Here, I’ll be offering you some random and easy-to-follow tips on designing remarkable websites that specially target iOS/Android mobile devices. […] Continue Reading...

Pros & cons of using hybrid mobile app development in your business

By: Deepu Balan on 09/30/14 11:21 PM No Comments »
Consumers often prefer investing their money on stuffs that possess the one-size-fits-all attributes. But, with mobile app development, one can’t follow this approach. There are basically three approaches that can be followed for developing a mobile application. That is, either you can create a native application that supports a particular mobile platform, a mobile web application (HTML5) or a hybrid application (which is the combination of the other two options). From a business perspective, it can be said hybrid applications are quite beneficial as they are perfect to target a wider mobile audience base, and they facilitate a cost effective […] Continue Reading...