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Integrating Alpha Anywhere With PhoneGap Build: The Why and How of It?

By: Deepu Balan on 02/4/16 6:06 PM Comments Off on Integrating Alpha Anywhere With PhoneGap Build: The Why and How of It?
App Development is no longer a buzzword and has become one of the most important mainstream components. Simply put, having a mobile app is a necessity that is getting difficult to ignore for businesses and individuals. After all, 60 percent of digital media time is spent on apps. When you decide on developing an application, you’ll to choose between a native app or a hybrid application. The hybrid or native app debate is not new, however, choosing the right option to play a vital part in a project’s success and failure. While building a native application is an excellent choice […] Continue Reading...

Pros & cons of using hybrid mobile app development in your business

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Consumers often prefer investing their money on stuffs that possess the one-size-fits-all attributes. But, with mobile app development, one can’t follow this approach. There are basically three approaches that can be followed for developing a mobile application. That is, either you can create a native application that supports a particular mobile platform, a mobile web application (HTML5) or a hybrid application (which is the combination of the other two options). From a business perspective, it can be said hybrid applications are quite beneficial as they are perfect to target a wider mobile audience base, and they facilitate a cost effective […] Continue Reading...