How to optimize the image use in HTML and CSS3?

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You’ll hardly find a website that doesn’t use images. One can’t overlook the fact that we’re living in a digital era, and thus, adding images help to increase engagement rate on your site. There are some stats that will further illustrate why adding images to a site is so important. According to a few sources, articles with images get 96 percent more views while a press release gain 45 percent views and so on. Plus, around 67% of consumers say that image-quality is very important for choosing and purchasing a product from an e-commerce site. So, now that you’ve become […] Continue Reading...

20 Unbelievably easy HTML and CSS web designing tutorials for beginners

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beginner level tutorials on html css tutorials There are many software applications in the market today that offer easy solution to putting up your own website. However, these don’t really address the issue of “creating” your own website. It’s more like a cloning procedure. Hence, the knowledge of HTML and CSS codes are therefore inimitable. Hypertext Markup Language or HTML is the foundation of all websites. It is the language of which websites are encoded. That is why in this post, we have gathered 20 easy, simple beginner level tutorials on web designing using HTML and CSS. Continue Reading...

Pure CSS – HTML accordion using Details & Summary elements

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Have you ever dream of being able to create an accordion or toggle widget purely using HTML and CSS? Yes it is possible to create a nice looking and easily configurable accordion widget purely using the power of HTML5. No need to load any external javascript plugins or libraries. Gone are the days when you had to depend on javascript plugins to create interactive accordion widgets. HTML5 – CSS3 duo together is shaping up to be an exciting technology of all time, which can make impacts on almost all areas of webdesign such as animations, user interaction, gaming, geolocation, 3D […] Continue Reading...