15 best cross-platform and cross-device web application development frameworks

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The process of web design has been evolving and rapidly changing with new technologies and practices are being introduced each day. The advancements in electronics in India and around the world have resulted in the introduction of various devices and gadgets that could make your life easier. Whether it’s a smart phone, tablet, laptop, music player, eBook reader, gaming devices, television or even a wrist watch, the user interface or GUI is the deciding factor of its success. Almost all these next-gen gadgets has a built-in web browser through which we can browse the internet. The screen size, resolution, operating […] Continue Reading...

Different responsive frameworks for developing cool webites in a jiffy

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Responsive web design is a web design approach where the objective is to make a website renders precisely on all devices and resolutions. An optimal viewing experience is what you can expect with responsive web design technique. There is no need to struggle a lot to make a website compatible with myriads of devices. But the interesting thing about this new web design approach is that it makes a website render differently in different devices and offers an optimal viewing experience without the need for maintaining different set of pages for different devices. And to simplify our tasks, here we are going to share some cool responsive web design frameworks that will help you design a fully responsive website in a matter of minutes. Continue Reading...