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Magento vs Shopify – which one is ahead of the pack

By: Deepu Balan on 08/20/14 10:44 PM No Comments »
shopify vs magento comparison The long-running battle between the two e-commerce giants, one side Magento and the other side Shopify is rather a confusing one and especially to those who are joining the revolution in the world of e-commerce. The internet is crowded with plenty of e-commerce platforms, out of which Shopify and Magento have impressively established their superiority over others. However, comparing both of them is a bit complicated task owing to the fact that both are the winners of their own category. Both of them have bespoke designs that give you immense power to create catchy slogans and attractive logos for your [...] Continue Reading...

What is best for Joomla Ecommerce? Virtuemart or redSHOP

By: Deepu Balan on 06/25/13 11:06 PM No Comments »
Joomla the powerful yet simple content management system Joomla is a content management system (CMS) to build different websites, publish content on the internet and enables you to build powerful and dynamic online applications. The best part of Joomla is that it is open source that is free to use for everyone. It provides extensive features and it is user-friendly so it has become the most popular CMS worldwide. Joomla is coded in PHP and uses the latest database system called MySQL. Joomla is used for developing different type of websites such as e-commerce portals, corporate and business sector websites, government based websites and applications, community portals, online [...] Continue Reading...

Few things to remember while designing a webstore front page

By: Deepu Balan on 01/3/12 12:09 PM 2 Comments »
few things to remember while designing an ecom site Whether you’re just starting a home business and need an online interface to get started, or you’re just looking to update the old and outdated appearance of your current web store, front page design is perhaps the most critical area of your design scheme to focus on. Unlike other web pages that aren’t used primarily to generate revenue and profit, e-commerce sites are specifically authored with the intention of monetizing the purchased web space. When bad design eliminates profit margins or worse yet, causes poor sales of products or services that would otherwise thrive under normal market conditions, you’ve really [...] Continue Reading...