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How to create a blog within a drupal powered website?

By: Deepu Balan on 11/7/14 12:15 AM No Comments »
Drupal is really a PHP centered content management system (CMS) and needs a MySQL database. The basic installing Drupal can be turned into several diverse types of webpage’s with no trouble. That’s from simple web-blogs to good on line networks. Installation of Drupal can be changed into a CMS, a web-blog, a newsletter program, a community, a graphic gallery and significantly more. At this time, we will provide information about the Drupal use as to start a blog application. For lots of people, making a personal website is their first step into the entire world of self-publishing. Some pick up […] Continue Reading...

5 Startling facts making Drupal an SEO friendly platform

By: Deepu Balan on 09/3/13 2:36 PM No Comments »
Our perceptions have an interesting way of often tricking us into turning a blind eye towards something which is substantial, omnipresent and quite resourceful. We all know that Drupal is a CMS of abundant, and it is difficult to find another open source platform which is potent enough to match the capabilities of this platform. However, we let opinions of a few convince us into believing that there must be something wrong or amiss with this otherwise spectacular and superlatively power packed system. One of these opinions (or misconceptions rather) goes to saying that Drupal is not really a SEO […] Continue Reading...

Common questions of a drupal beginner

By: Deepu Balan on 02/8/10 1:03 AM 17 Comments »
As most of you are probably aware, Drupal is the best PHP Open Source Content Management System. Most serious big players in the web industry always prefer Drupal over any other CMS applications, mainly because Drupal is more powerful and reliable. But after trying both Drupal & Joomla, I feel like Drupal is really flexible and reliable. But when it comes to user friendliness, Drupal is way behind Joomla. Drupal is such a good CMS system, but it’s not that easy for a beginner to learn it himself. Drupal documentation is not up to the mark for a beginner. So […] Continue Reading...