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  • My New Year Resolutions for 2010

    By: Deepu Balan on 12/30/09 11:05 PM 6 Comments »

    Hi there! Another year has come and gone, and 2009 was a great year for me personally. There were plenty of good things that happened in my life during this period, but not such a great year professionally though.  Since we’re getting to that time of year again when everyone starts to think about their New Year plans, I’ve come up with a few ideas for my New Year’s Resolutions. In 2010, I will… Make my portfolio page ready. 😉 Read at least 2 articles or blog-posts related to web/graphic design each day. Do more research on typography techniques, learn

  • It’s Alive!

    By: Deepu Balan on 12/6/09 3:31 PM 3 Comments »

    Finally! I am done with my blog design. Now I realized the fact that, the toughest task any web designer can take on is ‘designing his own website’. I have been thinking about starting a personal blog or portfolio for quite long, may be for the last 3 or 4 years. Finally, I have registered my own domain name 4 months back. Thanks to yahoo-geocities for closing their brilliant free web-hosting service, bcoz its after reading geocite’s closure email alert, I started thinking seriously about registering a domain name and starting a blog ASAP. Bcoz its really painful to realize